Episcopal Wills 1801 Braddan #1, of Mary Redfern

(from MM / LDS 0106407 )

this is affirmed to be the last will and testament of
Mary Redfern wife of Ross Redfern of the town of douglas
first she recommended her soul to Almighty God hoping
for remmission of sins through the merits of Jesus Christ
our Blessed Saviour and Redeemer and her body to
decent and christian burial
Secondly she devised and bequeathed to all her children to be
divided as equally between them as possible, three
pieces of silver coin, one diamond ring and all her
wearing apparel
Thirdly she nominated constituted and appointed her loving
husband Ross Redfern her sole executor and
residuary legatee of a her other effects be the
same of what denomination or nature soever
and declared this to be her last will and or testament on the
22 day of may 1801 in the presence of
Robt Cannel, Elizabeth Quirk jur
At a Consistory Court held at Douglas June 17th 1801
the exor sworn in court in form of law &
also guardian & supervisor of the children under age
& hath given pledges for the payment of debts
and legacies namely Wm Cannel and
Philip Garret both of Douglas
Probatum Est
Ev Christian John Crellin



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