Will William and Ann Bridson (als Cosnahan), 1798

transcribed by Michael Bridson from Original: MM GL 728

Braddan In the Name of God Amen We William Bridson and Ann Bridson alias Cosnahan my wife both of the Town of Douglas being of sound and perfect mind and memory for which we praise God, and calling to mind the uncertainty of this Mortal Life, Do make this our Will & Testament in manner and form Following____
First, We recommend our souls to God hoping thro' the Merits and mediation of our Blessed Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, to find pardon and Remission of all our sins, & our Bodys to be buried at the Discretion of the Survivor of us ____
We bequeath to our Chidren Ann, Paul, Alice, John & Hugh one shilling each & sixpence to any person that may pretend to claime, & as touching such Wordly goods as it has pleased God to bless us with, We leave & dispose of them as hereafter Mentioned Namelly We leave & bequeath Each of us, for ourselves, to the Survivor of us, be it he or she, all the Rest of our Goods, Chattles, Cattles, Credits, moveable & immovable of what kind, Nature or Denomination soever, & it is our Intention & our last Will that We & each of us do hereby appoint the Survivor of us, be it he or She, Whole & Sole Executor or Exectorix as it may happen & we do hereby Revoak all former Will or Wills that have been made by us or Either of us a Wittness our hands this twelfth Day of May 1798 One Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Eight ____

Signed published Wm. Bridson & Declared to be our last Ann Bridson Will & Testament in presence of us

Tho. Clucas ) Jur
David Clucas )

At a Chapter Court holden at Douglas Oct 29th. 1799

The Ex.or William Bridson one of the Testators having departed this life Ann Bridson the Survivor is sworn Exectrix in Court in form of Law & hath given Pledges for the payment of Debts and legacies namely Thos. Towell Esq of Douglas & the Rev. Danl. Mylrea of Andreas

Probatum est_____ C.V. Christian John Crellin

10th. July 1800 James Gordon Smith claims agst. Estate Wm. Bridson __________ Brit. 200.00



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