Episcopal Wills 1794-1 Rushen, of Henry Waterson

(from MM GL726 / LDS 0106404)

Rushen At a chapter court holden at Castletown
on the 25th day of June 1794
Henry Waterson of the parish of Trinity
Rushen having perished by sea on or about the twelfth
day of the month of August last past intestate
and this court having received intelligence thereof hath
decreed his seven children namely Mark, John,
Henry, Samuel, Edward, Margaret and Mary Waterson
joint administrators of all and singular his goods & rights
credits chattels and effects moveable and immoveable
whatsoever all of whom being of too tender years to
undertake the burden of the administration thereof Margaret
Waterson their mother is sworn their guardian & supervisor
as also in trust for them well and truely to administer the 
estate of the intestate to exhibit into the episcopal
registry a full true and perfect inventory thereof and
to pay all his just debts so far forth as his goods
and effects will extend and the law bind her and to these
ends she hath given pledges in form of law namely
Thomas Qualtrough and Robert Woods both of the
parish of Trinity Rushen
Decretum est Ev Christian
Wm Clucas
Inventory - tba but looks as though he was a ships carpenter

+ list of debts owed by him

Widow Margaret Waterson als Nixon m 18 Feb 1775 Kirk Rushen
Children (all bp Kk Rushen):
William 25 May 1775
Mark 20 Jan 1777
Margaret 16 Feb 1779
Mary 6 Nov 1780
Ann + Jane 10 Feb 1782 - Ann buried 24 Dec 1782
Samuel 2 Nov 1783
John 1 Jan 1786
Henry 8 Jun 1788
Samuel 14 Nov 1790
Edward 27 Jan 1793



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