Archideaconal Wills 1793 Malew #27, of Thomas Redfern

(from MM RB591 / LDS 0106231 - note edge of one page lost in binding)

In the name of God Amen
I Thomas Redfern of castletown being
weak in body but of sound mind
memory and understanding and
considering the uncertainty of this
life do make my last will and
testament in manner following
that is to say
First I commend my soul to God and
my body to the earth
Secondly I leave and bequeath to my 
grand daughter Jane Young the
sum of twenty pounds
Thirdly I leave and bequeath to Messrs
Richard Quirk and Joshua Redfern
and to the survivor of them and
to their heirs exors or assigns of such survivor all and
singular my houses goods
chattles, cash, plate, and ef[ffects]
which have not been hereu[unto]
disposed of in trust for the u[se]
and benefit of my daughter
Leonora Cannell for and []
her natural life and the same
to be converted into cash
/excepting the said plate/ and
interest thereof to be paiid []
my said daughter for and
during her natural life w[]
the controul of her present
husband or any other hus[]
which she may hereafter
and after her decease the a[]
of the said goods, cash,chattels 
of all, /saving the said plate
which I leave to my grand[]
Thomas Cannell incase he []
survives his mother the said
Leonora Cannel / I
bequeath and direct to be equally
distributed share and share alike
between all the children of my 
said daughter which shall be 
living at the time of her death
and I leave and bequeath to my
said daughter and her husband
Thomas Cannell the sum of
five shillings each and I do
nominate and appoint the sd
Richd Quirk and Joshua Redfern
and the survivor of them exetrs
or exor in trust of this my last
will and testament as witness
my name this 14 Augst 1791
Thos Redfern
signed and duly published
[] the said testator in the
presence of us
John Lace
Philip Tyldesley  Jur
At a chapter court holden at Castletown
June 13th 1793
Richard Quirk & Joshua Redfern are sworn
exors in trust in form of law to bring to the registry a per[fect]
inventory & have given pledges for the
payment of debts & legacies namely
witnesses of the will
Inoba sum est
Wm Clucas



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