Archideaconal Wills 1790 #26, Rushen, of Jane Watterson als Norris:

[from MM / LDS 0106230]

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of JANE WATERSON ALIAS NORRIS of the parish of Kirk Christi Rushen who being weak in body but of sound mind & memory & calling to mind the uncertainty of human life did make this her last will and testament in manner following.
First, she committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial.
Secondly, she left and bequeathed to her SISTER ISABEL CAIN ALIAS NORRIS, to her NEPHEW MICHAEL CAIN & likewise to her NIECE ANNE QUAYLE ALIAS CAIN the money which she had in Ballasalla to be divided amongst them equally which sum amounted to two guineas for each; to her SISTER ISABEL CAIN ALIAS NORRIS and her NIECE ANNE QUAYLE ALIAS CAIN she left all her wearing apparel.
Item, to her GODDAUGHTER JANE WATTERSON she left her stays.
Lastly, she nominated constituted ordained and appointed her STEPSON JOHN WATTERSON of the aforesaid parish her Executor of this her last will and testament and of all the rest of her goods chattels credits and effects of what kind soever, he paying according to Law to everyone who should claim in her will. This the 24th Day of April 1790.
Witnesses: James Cubbon my X, John Watterson my mark, jurati.

AT A CHAPTER COURT HOLDEN at Castletown June 10th 1790: The Executor is sworn in Court in form of Law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely the witnesses of the will. Probatum est. Thos. Cubbon.





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