Archideaconal Will, 1784 #44, of Christopher Bridson of Rogane Moar, Santon:

"In the name of God. Amen. I Christopher Bridson of Rogane Moar of the parish of KK Santon, do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner following:
I bequeath my soul to God and my body to Christian burial: and my worldly estate I give and device as follows:
Item, I bequeath to my daughter Ann the sum of sixty pounds to be paid to her or to her excrs. at the discharge of the bill of mortgage that I have in the land or estate of William Crebbin of Ballacrebbon in the parish of KK Braddan, the deed of mortgage bearing date the 5th day of Janry. 177[8]. Also I bequeath to my said daughter a feather bed and broad cloath with half of my wearing apparel reserving my best suit.
I bequeath to my granddaughter Jane ... twenty shillings, a feather bed and bed cloath.
I bequeath to my granddaughter Margaret Moore ... pounds;
I bequeath my granddaughter Ann Moore three pounds,
I bequeath my grandson Thos. Moore for to put him to a trade three pounds.
I bequeath to my grandson John Moore to put him also to a trade three pounds.
I bequeath to Thos. Oates Ballafurt half a guinea, that is to say, my son in law.
I bequeath to my son in law Thos. Moore Ballacurey half a guinea and my second best suit of clothes.
I bequeath my sister Jane Bridson if she survives me three pounds.
I bequeath my grandson ... Oates five shillings.
I bequeath my granddaughter Jane Cubbon als Brew five shillings.
I bequeath my granddaughter Margaret Karran als Oates five shillings.
I leave and bequeath my grandson Thos. Brew my clock and a bla... oak chest at the death of his mother.
I bequeath to my grandchildren Brews and Bridsons thirty shillings to be divided equally.
I bequeath to Judy Corkill als Bridson a crown.
I bequeath that part of the Fith of Rogane Moar that I purchased from his Grace the Duke of Athol, to be freely possessed and enjoyed forever by the heirs and proprietors of the aforesaid tenement.
I bequeath the poor of the parish of St Ann to be put upon interest the sum of four pounds.
Lastly, I denominate constitute make and declare and do also appoint my well beloved daughter Margaret Brew als Bridson to be my whole and sole executrix of all the rest of my goods movable and immovables of whatsoever ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have set my name this twenty fourth day of December on thousand seven hundred and eighty three. [signed] Christopher Bridson. Witnesses: John Quine, John Crebbin.

At Chapter Court holden at Castletown 10th Novr. 1784: Robert Brew husband of Margaret Brew als Bridson the executrix. . ."




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