Archideaconal Wills - 1782-#70 Maughold, Margaret Black

(from MM / LDS 0106228) - courtesy of Averil Roper


          This is affirmed to be the Last Will & Testament of
          Margret Black Spinister in the Town of Ramsey
          who is of Sound mind & Memory at the Making hereof  -
ůst.  She Committs her Soul to God & her Body to a Christian
          Burial _ Item She leaves & Bequeaths to her Nephew __
          John Black - Shop - keeper Two Silver Tablespoons Providing
          her Sd. Nephew shall Provide her a Coffin at the Time of
          Her Decease - Item She Bequeathed sixpence to all
          Craven _ Lastly She Nominates, Constitutes, ordains
          & Appoints her Loving Sister In Law Catherine Black
          Alias Callow, Her whole & Sole Executrix of all the Rest
          of Her Worldly Goods, of what kind or Denomination soever
          Movable or Unmovable this 18th day of October 1781
Witnesses }
  Present   } Hugh Martin  } Jurati
                    John Callow  }

                  At a Chapter Court holden at Lezayre June 13th 
                  The Execrx. is sworn in Court in forme of Law &
                  hath given Pledges for the payment of Debts
                  & Legacies namely the Witnesses of the Will

                                                               Probatum est

                                                                  Thos. Cubbon

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