EPISCOPAL WILL 1777, Ballaugh, of Revd. James Wilks, Rector of Ballaugh and Vicar General:

"I James Wilkes Clerk Rector of said Mary’s of Ballaugh and one of the Vicars General of this Isle an unprofitable servant of Jesus Christ, being at present thro the favours of God in good health and of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament in manner following. First I commend my soul to the mercy and tenderness of God, hoping thro the merits of my blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ to be received into the mansions of Bliss. My body I order to be decently buryed either under my tomb stone in KK Michael Church yard; or in the church yard of Ballaugh near the remains of my worthy friend the Rev Vicar General Curgey at the option of my executrix but without the too common and useless pomp of bearers with scarfs and ordering that my children only with my widow who will be the greatest suffers by my death be mourners. Item: I give and bequeath to my children, namely Mark, Thoams, Deborah, Elizth, and Ann Wilks the sum of one hundred pounds each, including herein whatever may be due to my daughters Deborah and Elizth by a former wife, by the death of their mother or otherwise howsoever; and I direct that one half of their said legacies be paid unto them respectively as they severally arrive to lawful age, and the remainder at the age of twenty one years, or time of their marriage by and with the consent of their guardians hereafter named Item: Whereas my eldest son James is provided for by his mother’s will to which I have given and do now repeat my consent. I give and bequeath unto him the sum of twenty pounds towards enabling him to get into business. Item: To my son and daughter Cubbon I give and bequeath the sum of five pounds with whatever he shall owe me at the time of my death, save and except the profits of my part of KK Maughold Mills, for the current year wherein I may die, for which profits he is to accountable to my executrix. I also give unto him the use of my manuscripts and in case either of my sons should settle in this Isle and choose to have the said manuscripts it is my will that the said manuscripts be restored to and be the property of such son. Item: To my most dear and deserving wife Elizabeth Wilks otherwise Christian I give, devise and bequeath all my part of my purchased lands in this Isle with all the rest and remainder of my estate real and personal whatsoever and wheresoever and commit the tuition of my said children and their goods to her whom I also nominate and appoint sole executrix of this my last will. Lastly I appoint my said wife with my faithful friend and relation Mr Deemster Moore guardians and supervisors of my foresaid children to whom I add my deserving son the Rev Thos Cubbon charging my said children to yield and give them all due obedience and to follow their advice and direction, as they regard the blessing of a father - Revoking all former wills I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 30th day of October 1774. Ja:Wilks. Witnesses: Wm Corlett, Philip Craine.

A Codicil to the beforegoing will: Whereas my daughters Deborah and Elizabeth Wilks have entered into marriage since the making of the before going will and that I have promised and obliged myself to pay unto them or their husbands respectively the sum of one hundred pounds each; fifty pounds of said hundred being paid unto Richard Gelling husband of Deborah. I do hereby revoke the legacies bequeathed unto my said daughters in said beforegoing will, desiring my executrix may discharge my obligations to them or their husbands, and only leave and bequeath unto them my said daughters the sum of five shillings each over and above the portion or marriage dowry promised to them respectively. In witness whereof I have to this codicil subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 16th Nov 1776. Ja:Wilks.

24 May 1777. The above codicil was declared in our presence by the testator to be a part of his last will. Philip Garret, John Hughes. At a Consistory Court holden at KK Michael

July 10th 1777. The executrix sworn in court in form of law undertakes the tuition of the children and their goods, pursuant to the will is sworn the guardian and supervisor of the children who are under age and has given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely Thos Moore Esq his Magesty’s Deemster of this Isle and Philip Garret of Ballabroij in the parish of KK Christ Lezyre Esq. The foresaid Thos Moore Esq his Majesty’s Deemster of this Isle and the Revd Thos Cubbon Vicar of the Kirk Maughold and likewise pursuant to this will sworn guardians and supervisors of the testator’s children who are under age. Probatum Est John Moore.

The petition of Elizabeth Wilks: Sheweth: That your petitioner’s husband the Revd James Wilks late Rector of Ballaugh and one of the Vicars General of this Isle departed this life about the 18th instant having in his life time when of sound and disposing mind and memory made published and declared his last will and testament in writing and thereof appointed your petitioner executrix. That your petr’s affairs requiring her immediate care that there are some matters of consequence which cannot be properly managed until the executrix be sworn. Petitioner humbly prays your Reverence would be pleased to appoint a short day for the probate of the said will with authority to charge all necessary parties and witness and petitioner shall pray."

–transcribed by Shirley C. Hogensen, 2002, LDS Film #0106395




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