Archdeacon Wills 1777 Book 2, #23, German, of Henry Crellin of Brackabroom, German:

"I Henry Crellin of Brackabrown in the parish of German being at present in a sic and feeble state but of sound and perfect mind and memory (God be praised) and considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and therefore in order to settle my worldly goods and effects make this my last will and testament as in manner following: First, Committing my soul to Almighty God and my body to Christian burial. Secondly, I leave to my daughter Deborah the sum of ten pounds and that feather bed and bolsters on which I lie with all the bedclothes at present thereon, also my big coat, two sheep, and a goat and half of my wool in the house. Item, I leave to my daughter Jane that sum of ten pounds and my big chest in the room above stairs and a choice barrel, also two sheep and a goat and half of my wool in the house. And if in case my son-in-law Thomas Kaighin or his wife (being my second daughter Jane) shall claim or sue my executor hereafter mentioned for any further demands on me whatever I do then exclude them only with ten shillings legacy. Item, I leave to my eldest son Thomas Crellin that field of my tenement called Faaie Blaekan as inheritance for ever. Also I leave to Alice Quayle the bed and bedclothes on which she lieth. Item, I leave to my son James Crellin that sum of seven pounds which he oweth for hops, on consideration that he will give his receipt or discharge to my executor that he is fully paid and satisfied for that sum of twenty pounds promised him as portion by his parents, which portion I declare was all paid him to two shillings, but if he refuseth to discharge my Executor as aforesaid, I do exclude him only with a crown legacy and a goat. Item, I leave to my grandson Henry Kaighin two guineas towards putting him to a trade. Item, I leave to my grandson Thomas Crellin as much of that brown cloth in the house as will make him a coat, and the remainder thereof I leave to my grandson John Kaighin. Item, I leave to my aforesaid daughter Deborah and to my niece Sarah Shimmin all that parcel of intack land which I now have called Beary Drim Breary and Kneeb intack equally between them. Lastly, I do nominate and appoint my said eldest son Thomas Crellin to be whole and sole executor of all the rest of my goods and effects movable and immovable of what nature or kind soever and excluding any other person or persons that might pretend to claim further right to my goods with a shilling legacy a piece. In witness whereof I have hereunto signed or added my mark to my name this 2nd of April 1777. [signed, his mark] Henry Crellin. Witnesses: Thomas Callister, John Quayle.

At a Consistory Court holden at KK Michael, July 10th, 1777: the executor is sworn in Court in form of Law and hath give pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely Captn. Thomas Radcliffe and James Crellin of Ballaugh.

To the Revd. John Moore Vicar General of the Right Revd. Father in God, Richd Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, The humble petition of James Crellin of the parish of Ballaugh, Showeth: that Thomas Crellin your petitioners brother some time ago through threatenings and menaces against Henry Crellin the father of your petitioner and of the said Thomas Crellin, caused the said Henry Crellin to make a will in his the Thomas Crellin’s favor and much to the prejudice of your petitioner who had been by the said Henry Crellin’s former will amply provided for, that your petitioner objects to the said pretended will at the last Chapter Court held at Peeltown and under took to .. a libel stating the particulars of the said threatenings and menaces and to prove the same in such manner at the said court and had direct at the next public Consistory Court, that your petitioner has been waiting for a public Consistory Court to be appointed for the general consistory business of this Isle, that he might bring on the said matter but the said Thomas Crellin has attempted to take an advantage of your petitioner by getting his witnesses to the said pretended will .. before your petitioner can be admitted to each bit .. libel and proceed to the proof thereof has lately exhibited a petition to your Provenence setting forth that Thomas Callister one of the witnesses to the said pretended will was dangerously ill and prayed that the Episcopal Register might be appointed to take his the said Callister’s testimony at his the said Callister’s house, that your Reverence .. a hearing of the said petitioner or any affidavit made and the truth thereof directed the said Register to take the said Callister’s testimony at .. for in the said petition, that your petitioner charges that the said .. is an imposition upon your Reverence as well as calculated to injure your petitioner as the said Thomas Callister is not nor was in any respect dangerously ill but rides and walks through the parish without any apparent complaint and is only now and then subject to rheumatic complaints in a very moderate degree, In tender consideration of the premise your petitioner humbly prays that your Reverence would be pleased to appoint the matter of this petition to come on to be heart at your next consistory court or otherwise as you shall think proper and in the meantime, that all proceedings touching the examination of the said Thomas Callister may be stayed and your petitioner shall pray etc. Ordered that the matter of this petition comes on to be heart at our next Consistory Court to be holden at KK Michael on Thursday the 10 of July next, whereof all proper.. and persons to have due notice and service and in the mean time all proceedings relating these the above mentioned proceedings are hereby stayed, given at KK Arbory this 25 June 1777.

At a Consistory Court holden at KK Michael 10th July 1777: The petitioner has in open Court waved the petition and consented that the executor should be sworn in form of law. The executor has likewise waved any advantage he could receive by this petition and promised to pay the petitioner the legacy bequeathed by this the will of his father Henry Crellin."




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