Archdeaconal Will 1776 #49 Conchan of Mr. Robert Banks of Balnyhow, Onchan

"Conchan: This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Mr. Robert Bancks of Balnyhow in the parish of KK Onchan, who was I a sound disposing mind and memory at the making thereo, being about the 6th day of February 1776. And first he committed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial. He left and bequeathed unto his eldest son James a parcel of Intack of 5d rent, & a purchase made from Hugh Cannel of an half penny rent adjoining the big-cellar in the town of Douglas, and the same to go as inheritance for the future. He left unto his sons Robert & Thomas & daughter Isabel twenty pounds apiece, and in case his said sons were not to come for their Legacy, it was not to be raised or levied of his Executrix. He left unto his son William the house called Lefongs house with all and every its appurtenances, as also the new house wherein he had his shop , known by the name of Philip Quirks house, with all and every its appurtenances. And his said son William to pay or cause to be paid unto his said daughter Isabel the sum of forty pounds. And all the rest of his goods and effects of what kind or denomination soever he gave and bequeathed unto his loving wife Isabel Banks, and constituted and appointed her whole Executrix of his last Will and Testament. Witnesses hereto Robert Creer his X, Thos. Skillicorn his X, jurati. At a Chapter Court holden at Douglas June 25th 1776: The Executrix sworn in Court in for of Law, and has given her consent that her part of the Intacks above expressed shall descend to her son James & his heirs as inheritance, and has given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely Mr. John Lace of Castletown and Mr. George Oates of Conchan. Probatum est & Solvit 1/6. Ja:Wilks, Thos.Cubbon. January 4th 1777: Robert Heywood enters a claim against the Executors of Robert Banks for 40 pounds &c. March 3rd 1777: John Oates enters a claim against for 5:0:0. April 17th 1777: Thomas Christian & Thomas Craine enter a claim against the Executor of Robert Banks for the sum of 150 pounds British & craves the Law."





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