Archideaconal Wills 1776 #63, Santon, of John Brew of Ballagick, Santan of Ballagick, Santon, died 23 Mar 1776:

"The last will and testament of John Brew of Ballagick of KK Santan who departed this life the 23rd March, who being of perfect mind and memory at the making hereof,
First, he committed his soul to the Almighty God and his body to Christian burial.
Item, he bequeathed to his three daughters namely Jane, Margaret and Ellinor forty shillings a piece.
Item, he left to his loving wife xxx[Margt] and benefit of his estate for the maintenance of children until the heir would be twenty-one years of age.
Lastly, he nominated and appointed his loving wife whole executrix of all the rest of his goods moveable and immovable whatsoever.
Witnesses: John Shimmin, Elinor Creer.

At a Chapter Court holden at Castletown June 27th, 1776: Whereas the testator has neither left six pence nor the value thereof to his son William who is under age, the Court decrees the said William co-executor with his mother the executrix above named, and she is sworn to bring to the registry a perfect inventory of the goods of the deceased to pay his just debts and legacies so far as the goods will extend and the law shall bind, as also to be just to her co-executor in the division of the goods and to these ends has given pledges in form of law xxx Robert Brew of KK Santan and William Cubbon her father, Robert Brew the grandfather, & William Cubbon brother to the executrix are sworn guardians of the Children underage as also to assist the said executrix in bringing an inventory to the registry."

Fam 8209:

John Brew = Margt Cubbon at Bra 3 Mar 1764
Robert bapt San 1764-12-30 bur San 1765-07-12
Jane bapt San 1766-06-29
William bapt San 1768-03-26
Margaret bapt San 1771
Ellinor bapt San 1774-07-10

Father John Brew fam 8019:

Robert [Robin] Brew = Jane Bridson at Arb 9 Jul 1734
Jane bapt San 1736-06-20
Ann bapt San 1738-07-09 - Bur San 29 Aug 1741(sp)
John bapt San 1741-09-21

Mother Margaret Brew fam 10088:

William Cubbon = Margaret Brew at San 25 Apr 1741
Margt bapt Bra 1743-02-19
Ellinr bapt Bra 1746-09-28
Anne bapt Bra 1749-03-04
Jno bapt Bra 1754-06-23 ?Dead
Jno bapt Bra 1756-09-26 ?Dead
Wm bapt Bra 1759-05-27
Kath bapt Bra 1764-02-12




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