Archdeacon Wills 1776 #12, Braddan, of Catharine Brew, daughter to James Brew of Douglas:

‘This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Catherine Brew, daughter to James Brew of Douglas who departed this life on or about the 18th day of January 1776, which was made in our presence being the witness present and declared in our presence by her on or about the month of October 1775. First, she left to her aunt Emilia Callow alias Halsall and her children all her wearing apparel of all kinds whatsoever to be divided between them. Secondly and lastly, she left to her father James Brew all the rest and residue of her worldly substance, be the same of what nature or kind soever, he paying to any claimer or claimers the sum of six pence, which she left to any person or persons pretending any right to her property, in the place of any such pretended right and she also nominated and appointed her said father James brew whole and sole executor of all her worldly substance, moveable or immoveable to which she had any right. Witness: Margt Christian, Ann Neale.

At a Court of Correction holden at Douglas 6th February 1776, the executor is sworn in Court in form of Law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely Paul Kelly and Paul Corran both of Douglas.’




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