Archideaconal Will 1774 Braddan #62, of Esther Geneste

From MM RB586

In the name of God I Catherine Geneste
wife to Lewis Geneste in the town of Douglas in the Isle of Man
Merchant, being weak in body but of perfect mind and
memory, and duly considering the uncertainty of [att...]
life, do make this my last will and testament
First I commit my soul unto the hands of my
blessed maker trusting in his mercies, and the mercy
of my dear redeemer for the remission of all my sins
My body I commit to the earth to be decently interred
at the discretion of my executor herein hereafter named.
As to my temporal estate I bequeath and
dispose of it in the following manner
I leave and bequeath unto my
my three daughters Alice, Hester and Catherine when
they arrive at the age of sixteen years the sum of five
pounds British to each. I also leave and bequeath to all
and any of my children whom it may please God to send
me hereafter the sum of five pounds British to each, provided
they live to the age of sixteen years, but if any children
shall die before they come to this age of sixtten years my
will is that their several legacies above named shall remain
and be the sole right and property of any executer
I give and [] the [] as my sister in law
Catharine Norman one guinea for a morning ring
Also I give and bequeath unto my three daughters 
above named all my wearing apparell to be divided among
them at the discretion of my executer as he shall
think fit. I likewise leave and []
unto my dearly beloved husband Lewis Geneste all
my effects in the house at my decease, all my rents
and debts due unto me, with all my goods chattels
estate whatsoever to his sole  use and behoof. I appoint
my said husband to be guardian to my children []
their goods in his hands until they come to age, and
I hereby constitute and appoint my said beloved
husband whole and sole executor of this my last
will and testament in witness whereof I do
hereunto sett my hand and seal this 7th day of
January 1774 [] Catherine Geneste
Signed sealed and declared by the said
Catherine Geneste to her last will &
Testament in the presence of us 
Patrick Tobin, Jonathan Norman - Jurati
At a chapter court holden in Douglas June 6th 1774
The execr is sworn in court in form of law, & under[]
the tuition & maintenance of the children under age pers[]
to the will, and shall give in pledges for the payment
of debts and lecagies namely Mr Robt Moore & Mr
John Tobin both of Douglas
Probatum est
Thos Wood
Solv 12d



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