Archdeacon Wills 1772, #10, Arbory, of Henry Taubman of KK Arbory


"In the name of God, Amen. I Henry Taubman of KK Arbory being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, do make my last will and testament in manner and form following: First, I commend my soul to god in hoope of a joyful resurrection and pardon for all my sins through the ... and mediation of the Lord Christ our Saviour , and my body to be decently interred at the discretion of my executor. And as for my worldly goods, I dispose of them as hereafter mentioned: Item, I leave unto the poor of Castletown fifty pounds, to be laid out at interest by the vicar and wardens of KK Malew, and the interest thereof to be annually distributed among the said poor by the Vicar and Wardens at the times and seasons accustomed.
Item, I leave unto my brother Thomas forty pounds to be secured in my brother John’s hands for his use, namely by allowing him annually the interest thereof during his natural life and after his decease that siad legacy shall descent equally to his two children John and Catharine. And it is my will and pleasure further that in case, by some unexpected turn in his affairs, he my said brother should be reduced to necessity, in that case it shall be lawful for him to apply the principal to his own proper use.
Item, I leave unto my sister Elizabeth wife of the Revd John Christian Vicar of Marown the sum of forty pounds.
Item, I leave unto my sister Jane wife of Mr. Edward Gawne of Balla-Curry the sum of forty pounds.
Item, I leave unto my sister Margaret Taubman the sum of forty pounds..
Item, I leave unto my niece Catharine Moore the sum of forty pounds.
Item, I order and direct that whereas there … notes and bonds passed over by me to my father deceased and ordered by his last will and testament to be wholly …ended and given up unto me and whereas the executrix by him in his said will nominated, viz my mother, may not … to take upon her the burden and execution of said will and thereupon … my executrix for her part of said notes and bonds, it is therefore my will and pleasure and I order and direct accordingly that in case she my said mother may not … and recover the same that all the legacies or before mentioned be …the same … in proportion, and that my executrix be … with respect to the … legators before … no farther than their equal share of the … be it more or less. And under such condiction hereafter expressed. And whereas I have a parcel of hides in my brother Thomas’s, … for the manufacturing of which he promised me the of …are gratis, I order and direct that in case … any demand for the same that such his … included and merged in his before mentioned legacy.
Item, I leave unto my nurse Ellinor Clague three pounds to be paid her in … as her … may require.
Item, I leave unto my two god-children, namely a child of Thomas Redfern and a child of Thomas Harrison, … pounds apiece.
Item, I leave unto my brother John Taubman and to his wife Mrs. Esther Taubman, as also to his three children namely, John, Margaret and Christian, a mourning ring apiece.
Item, I further order and appoint that the several legacies before mentioned are not to be paid until three years after my decease that thereby proper time may be allowed for the calling of my several debts and the hide upon the hand duly manufactured and sold, excepting the legacy to the poor which I order to be pain within a year and a day after the probate.
Lastly, I nominate constitute and appoing my loving sister Catharine Moore wife of Revd John Moore the executrix of all the rest of my goods moveable and immovable, she my said executrix paying unto my nephew and godson [John] Moore son of the Revd John Moore aforesaid the sum of fifty pounds when he arrives at the age of twenty-one years, and in case he dies under age that said sum should be at my said executrix’s disposal.
And I hereby revoke and disannul all former wills by me made, ratifying and confirming this alone for my last will and testament.
As witness my hand this 6th of January 1772. [signed] Henry Taubman.
Witnesses: Thomas Clague, John Comish.

At a Court of Correction holden at Castletown, February 19, 1772, the Revd John Moore husband of Cath. Moore is sworn executor in court in form of law . . ."




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