Archideaconal Wills 1771 #59, German, of Jane Brew [als Killey] of Peel, German:

‘KK German: In the name of God, amen. I Jane Brew of the town of Peel and Parish of KK German, being weak of body but of perfect mind and memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life, do make my last will and testament in manner following:
First, I commit my soul to God and body to Christian burial.
Item, I leave and bequeath to my grandson Robert Brew the sum of twenty pounds to be lodged immediately after my decease in the hands of Hugh Shimmin of Renass and Philip Quirk of Ballavagher (along with the twenty pounds left him by his grandfather Robert Brew, now lying in my custody) for the use of said Robert Brew and to be paid to him as he shall demand it, they to be consulted in the expending it. Also the half of my dwelling house (the parlour end) leaving the other half of said house and the whole of the offices and concerns thereto belonging to my son Josuah Brew during his own life. And afterwards to devolve to my said Grandson Robert Brew, in case he the said Robert Brew gives up his right and title to his part of the house wherein his father now dwells (left him by his mother) to his sister Catharine Brew. And in default of lawful issue in said Robert Brew, the whole of said house, offices and concerns to devolve after his decease to my grandson and granddaughter Caesar & Jane Brew. But in case both or either said Caesar & Jane are then deceased his, her or their part or share to devolve to Catharine Brew. Also a bed, bed clothes and a pair fine sheets, six pewter plates, three dishes, two chairs, a brass candlestick, the largest chest & two coats of his said grandfather’s I leave to my said grandson Robert Brew.
Item, I leave and bequeath to my granddaughter Catharine Brew the sum of fifteen pounds to be lodged (along with the five pounds left by her grandfather Robert Brew and lying in my hands) in the hands of the aforesaid Hugh Shimmin & Philip Quirk, for xxx of said Cath. Brew and to be paid her when she comes to the age of twenty-one years. Also six pewter plates, two dishes, xxx chairs, a brass chandlestick, the second best chest, a nest of drawers a bed and bedclothes and a pair fine sheets, all my apparel excepting a long camblet cloak, a brown quilted petticoat and a drxxx one which I leave to my daughter in law Ellinor Brew.
Item, I leave and bequeath to my grandson & granddaughter Caesar & Jane Brew five pounds each.
Lastly, I nominate constitute and appoint my son Joshua whole and sole executor of all the rest of all my goods movable and immovable of what nature soever. In witness whereof I have hereunto sent my hand this xxx one thousand seven hundred and seventy one. [signed her mark] Jane Brew. Witnesses: Thomas Oates, Margery Parr.

At a Chapter Court holden at Peeltown 7th June 1771, the executor is sworn in Court in form of Law’

Jane Killey (of Castletown) m. Robert Brew Arb 1731-04-20 (also noted in Malew Reg)

Josuah Brew m (1) Elizabeth Corrin (marr not found)
ch Robert Ger 1753-12-07 [?bur Ger 1774-01-23] + Cath Ger 1756-10-07 - Cath married J Walker
Eliz Corrin bur Ger 1760-07-19 - see will
Josuah Brew m (2) Eleanor Bridson Ger 1761-05-19
ch Caesar Ger 1766-12-14, Jane Ger 1768-11-13, Christian Ger 1772-12-27 [m Thomas Taubman] & Joshua Ger 1774-11-13 [?m Fances Bell];
Josuah Brew bur Ger 1782-01-12 - see will;


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