Archdeacon Wills 1771 #47, Santon, of Elizabeth Brew als Bridson:

"I, Elizabeth Brew als Bridson, relict of John Brew of the parish of Santan, being of perfect mind and sound memory but weak in body at the making hereof, do declare this to be my last will and testament as follows, vizt: I commit my soul to God Almighty and my body to Christian burial.
I leave and bequeath to my son and heir Robert Brew a bowl of oats and a bowl of barley.
I leave and bequeath to my son William Brew a heifer.
I leave and bequeath my daughter Ann Woods wife of James Woods in KK German all my body shaped clothes, both linen and woolen.
I leave and bequeath to my two grandsons of Rogane Moar namely John and Robert Brew a sheep and a lamb each.
I leave and bequeath my daughter in law Margaret Brew wife of Robert Brew half a xxx pewter xxx.
I constitute nominate and appoint my granddaughter Ann Brew daughter of my son Thomas Brew to be my sole and whole executrix of all the rest of my goods and effects moveable and immovable be they of what kind or nature soever as shall be hereafter mentioned, that is to say, the said devised goods and effects are to be entrusted to the said father Thomas Brew’s hands as guardian to be paid out on her maintenance and proper education until said goods are expended and in no ways to be inventoried, but if in case that the said executrix Ann Brew shall depart this live before said goods are expended that then and in that case the residuum of said effects are to become the sole property of her father Thomas Brew without further twist or trouble. As witness my mark to my name this 12th day of April 1778. [Signed her mark] Elizabeth Brew als Bridson. Witnesses: Robert Black, William Callister.

At a Chapter Court holden at Castletown 5th June 1771, Anne Brew the within mentioned executrix being under age, Thomas Brew her father is sworn executor in trust, duly to fulfill the last will and testament of the testator, as also the guardian of the said xxx pursuant to the will, pledges for the payment of debts and legacies and fulfilling this will are John Quinney Ballacrine & William Callister, who are jointly and soever bound.





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