Will Paul Bridson (Douglas),1770

transcribed by Michael Bridson from Original:

In the name of God Amen. I Paul Bridson of Douglas being now in [an indifferent state] of health but of sound and perfect Mind and Memory (thanks to God) yet knowing the uncertainty of this Mortal Life [have] made this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following: First I commend my soul to God hopeing [through] the Merits and Mediation of my Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Saviour to find pardon and Remission for [all my sins] and my Body I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the Discretion of my loveing and dutiful son William Bridson and as touching such Wordly Goods as it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me with
I leave and bequeath [as hereafter] mentioned namely I leave and bequeath to my son Paul Bridson one hundred pounds British
I leave and bequeath unto my daughter Jane Bridson eight hundred pounds British
I leave and bequeath unto my daughter Catherine Gennest twenty pounds yearly and every year during her natural Life after my decease and in case She has Issue I leave and bequeath five hundred pounds British to said issue but in case She my said Daughter Catherine Gennest should die without Issue the said five hundred pounds is to become the property of my Executor
I leave and bequeath unto the poor of Douglas ten pounds British
I leave and bequeath unto the Revd. Mr Philip Moore of Douglas a Guinea.
I likewise leave unto all or any person or persons claiming under me one shilling each and
Lastly I nominate and appoint my loving and dutifull son William Bridson whole Executor of all the rest of my goods Chattels Cattles Credits and Effects moveable and immoveable of what nature kind or Denomination whatsoever and in case my said Executor shall be disturbed by any of my Children it is my Will that he or she shall forfeit their respective legacys and he of she who disturbs my said executor shall only be entitled to one shilling Legacy in lieu of any bequest already particularly mentioned. In Testimony of all which I have hereunto subscribed my Name this 26th day of October 1770. Paul Bridson.

Witnesses Christopher Fitzsimons Hugh Cosnahan.

Attached to the will is the Certificate of Probate dated 15th February 1772.


1. The will is written across a wide piece. The top right corner is obscured but I am fairly confident of my reading.




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