Episcopal Wills 1766 #3, Braddan, of Thomas Bridson

[Episcopal Will 1766 #3 Braddan from film 0106389(GL714) ]

Douglas, November 17th 1766


Thomas Bridson of the town of Douglas merchant departed this life in or about the 14th day of July last intestate. The Court upon intelligence thereof hath decreed his brothers and sisters namely William, Paul, Elizabeth, Catherine, Anne and Jane Bridson joint administrators of all his goods and chattels, moveable and immovable whatsoever. Elizabeth, wife of William Boats with Paul, Anne and Jane Bridson aforesaid being severally resident in England and Catherine being absent the administration is committed unto William Bridson beforenamed who is sworn to bring a perfect inventory to the registry as also for payment of the intestateís debts as far as the goods will extend and the law shall bind and likewise to be just to his co-administrators in the division of the goods to which ends and for security of the office he hath given pledged of law namely the Revd Joseph Cosnahan vicar of KK Braddan & the Revd Thomas Quayle vicar of KK Onchan.

Solv 3d

Decretum est
Ro Radcliffe
Math Curghey

1766 Nov 25 Richd Owen enters a claim agt the Admors of Thos Bridson for Br £3 3 0
Dec 16 Ro Moore clames agt Do for 0 13 10
1767 Feb 13 Mary Duffeild clams agt Do for Br 4 10 0
Mar 11 Wm Brew claims agt Do for Br 1 3 7Ĺ
Mar 27 Peter Moore claims Br 2 1 7Ĺ
Apr 8th John Bridson claims Brit 22 0 0
" John Wilikinson claims Br 6 0 0
John Wikinksonn & Company claims Br 29 0 0
Arr 14 Thos Moore claims Br 2 5 6
20 John Quayle claims 0 10 4
30 Jacob Hind claims Br - 18 0
May 4 Geo Callow claims Br 3 7 0
May 8 John Wattleworth claims 2 10 0
May 16 John Kelly claims 0 7 0
June 4 Christr Taggart claims 0 16 9
June 7 John Caine claims 2 4 11
John Caine & Eliz his wife claims 0 12 10
John Camaish claims 12 0 0
June 16 Wm Lewny claims 1 2 3
Wm Hales claims 1 4 6
Jun 17 Wm Cannell claims 0 2 6
Jun 27 Thos Carron claims Br 1 10 0
July 3 Ro Quillin claims Br 20 0 -0
Edwd Mullan claims Br 16 0 0
July 4 Eliz: Taggart on behalf of Jon Taggart her husband claims Br £36 0 0
July 22 James Brew claims 1 0 0
July 29 David Lowry claims Br 1 15 0
Aug 3 Paul Kelly claims Br 6 4 9
Oct 26 Ann Moon claims Br 6 4 9
do claims agt the Admrs of Thos Bridson & Co for 9 7 8Ĺ

[Letter of Attorney dated 10 Aug 1769]

Whereas Thomas Bridson Late of Douglas Merchant departed this life sometime ago, a Batchelor unmarried and intestate possessed of and intitled unto some houses lands and effects in this Island, leaving two brothers and three sisters to wit William Bridson Paul Bridson Elizabeth Boates alias Bridson now the wife of William Boates Merchant, Catherine Bridson and Jane Bridson all and each of them now above the age of sixteen years and wheras the said Thomas was at the time of his death intitled to a small estate of inheritance within this Island which by the laws and customs of the same falls in distribution or [] to be divided between his said brothers and sisters proportionably share and share alike together with the other estate and effects of any sort that the said Thos Bridson died seized and possessed of or intitled unto and whereas we the said Elizabeth Botes, Paul Bridson Catherine Bridson and Jane Bridson having great confidence reposed in the Justice care and conduct of the said William Bridson and of his care conduct and managemt of our property severally in the premises Therefore KNOW all men by these presents that we the said William Botes Elizabeth my wife Paul Bridson, Catherine Bridson and Jane Bridson ....

Inventory of Thomas Bridsonís Effects valued by Richard Allen & Paul Kelley

Six mahogany chairs
£3 0s 0d
Six walnut do
£2 2s 0d
One prest bed
£1 0s 0d
A clock
£4 0s 0d
A fir desk
10s 0d
Two looking glasses
£1 0s 0d
Three brass locks
£1 0s 0d
Two warming pans
10s 0d
A small oak table and a fir chair
7s 3d
One pair saddle bags 5s a grate & fire irons 15s
£1 0s 0d
A chest of drawers with a weighing desk on the top
£1 0s 0d
A frame of a desk 6d, a barrel & half locks 2s
2s 6d
17 printed books 10s a punch ladle 4s a pair of blankets 15s
£1 9s 0d
Small stack hay
£3 0s 0d
Watch £3 a gun 12s
£3 12s 0d
Old cart & gears
£2 14s 0d
Plough irons 4s farrow irons 5s
9s 0d
Two iron picks 3s a small hatchet 2s a graph 6d
6s 6d
Pair traces 6s hand barrow 5s
11s 0d
Two horses
£12 0s 0d
Three small horses
£10 6s 0d
1s 6d
198 stooks oats
£8 8s 0d
139 stooks barley
£10 10s 0d
Parcel limestones
£3 5s 0d
6 lambs 12s a parcel of straw 12s
£1 4s 0d
Parcel potatoes
£2 10s 6d
15 bowls wheat
£15 0s 0d
1 full set china
£3 0s 0d
Parcel of undressed flax
£2 2s 0d
Mahogany bed ? etc
£3 0s 0d
Feather bed
£2 10s 0d
Pair old cart
7s 6d
2 vols. called Chambersís Dictionary with Scotch? Supplements to Chambers
£2 0s 0d





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