Archdeacon Wills 1761 #61, Andreas, of Margaret Christian als Brew:

‘The last will and testament of Margaret Christian als Brew of the parish of KK Andrews who departed this life the 16th November 1761, being of perfect mind and memory at making the same. First, she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial. She left and bequeathed to Margaret, John Gill’s wife, and daughter two callamanky gowns, to said Gill, wife and son Charles a heifer. She left to her two sisters Isabel and Bahey the best part of the rest of her clothes, the least chest, her linen caps, and twelve pounds, but the said twelve pounds were not to be paid them till the expiration of two years. She left to Esther Curphey twenty shillings with a feather bed, bolster and sheet. She left to the poor of KK Andrews twenty shillings and the said twenty shillings to be laid out on interest and the interest yearly for the poor. She left to John Curphey’s son a sheep. She left to her cousin Charles Lace a pewter dish and a candle. She left to her loving husband John Christian sole executor and all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever. To the Witnesses of this will one shilling and nine pence each. Witnesses: John Crebbin, Charles Lace

Some days after the above will was made, John Crebbin, one of the witnesses, was desired to come to the testratrix house, who came accordingly, and the testatrix told him that her two sisters were to have but ten pounds and the largest chest instead of the least and the things that were in them to be removed likewise and that a black cover of her own should be a covering on her coffin. [signed his mark] John Crebbin.

Charles Lace the other witness was sent for some days after John Crebbin who came accordingly to the testatrix and the testatrix told him that her two sisters were to have but three pounds legacy each of them apiece of camlett[?] largest chest instead of the least and all her clothes except what would be on her coffin and what was left to John Gill’s wife and daughter and the rest of her will to be as it was. [signed] Charles Lace.

At Chapter Court holden at Lezayre Nov 23rd, 1761: Mr Charles Lace and John Crebbin the subscribing witnesses to the within will of Margaret Christian otherwise Brew have deposed on the holy Evangelist that the said Margaret Christian expressed the said will in manner as is within written in their presence, and the said witnesses also severally deposed that the said testatrix declared and expressed the codicil to the said will annexed according to the manner wherein they have severally signed and subscribed the same. Whereupon the executor is sworn in court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely Mr Charles Lace of KK Andrews one of the witnesses of the will and Mr John Cowle of the Kella in KK Christ Lezare.

27th February 1764, This day received from the hands of John Christian of KK Andrews all every our legacies due to us and every of us by the last will and testament of his late deceased wife Margaret Christian als Brew which we hereby do acquit him, the said John Christian for the said legacies and devises that the original will in regart to the foresaid legacies may be cancelled upon record as witness our names and marks the day and date above written. [signed their marks] John Gill, John Curghey, Ewan Corlet, Esther Curghey.




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