Episcopal Wills 1760, KK Santon, of Revd Robert Brew, vicar of KK German:

A Consistory Court holden at Peeltown January 27, 1761,:

The Revd Robert Brew, vicar of KK German, departed this life on or about the 11th day of December last & past intestate. The Court upon intelligence thereof hath decreed his four children, namely John, Robert, Elizabeth, & Thomas Brew joint administrators of all his goods & chattels moveable and imoveable whatsoever, who being all under age, Cath. Brew their aunt by the father’s side is sworn supervisor by whose consent the Decd’s part of the children & their goods is in the meantime comitted(sic) to the tuition of Isabel Brew the widow, who with Cath. Brew aforesaid are forthwith to take a perfect inventory of the goods of the dead which are represented to be in a parishable way, and to exhibit the same next Court, for forthcoming whereof and payment of debts according to Law, the widow is to give sufficient pledges within ten days after date hereof, & the other aunts to be sworn supervisors. Note that a proportionable right of the goods is reserved & decreed to the child or children whereof the widow is now exsient.

At Balnyhown in KK German, January 30, 1761: John Callow of Douglas & Ann Brew, uncle & aunt to the orphans by the father’s side are also sworn supervisors in form of Law and consent that the Decd’s part of the children & their goods be comitted to the tuition of Isabel Brew the widow who is sworn to exhibit a perfect inventory of the goods, as also for payment of debts, hath given pledges in form of Law, namely Ewan Looney of Ballasalley & Henry Mylechreest of KK German.

1771: We, Isabella Brew widow and relict of the Revd Robert Brew, mother and now guardian of my daughter Elizabeth Brew and of the said Elizabeth Brew do hereby acknowledge to have received from John Kelley Executor of the last will and testament of Jane Kelly late of Coolingel the sum of forty pounds Manx currency left and bequeathed the said Jane Kelly unto the children of said Revd Robert Brew for their education and do hereby exonerate and discharge them from the same, as witness our names this 23rd Sept 1771. Signed Isabella Creer, & Elizabeth Brew, Witness Thomas Moore.

17 Aug 1773: Isabella Brew and Elizabeth Brew acknowledged the before going discharge to .. them proper act. Before me Thomas Moore.





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