Archdeacon Wills 1760 #4, Braddan, of Revd. Joseph Cosnahan Vicar of Braddan & Margaret Cosnahan als Caesar his wife:

We, the Revd Joseph Cosnahan Vicar of KK Braddan, and Margaret Cosnahan my wife, calling to mind the uncertainty of this Life, do make this our last joint will and testament in manner following: First, we commend our souls to god, and our bodies to Christian burial in hope of a joyful resurrection to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. We leave our daughter Jane the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds to be paid and delivered unto her by the survivor of us, when she arrives to the age of one and twenty years. Likewise willing, and engaging ourselves that the further sum of one hundred and fifty pounds more, shall be forthcoming to her from the survivor of us, at the said survivors decease. We leave unto our son Julius five pounds, besides our books. As also promising and engaging to leave him his birthright free and debtless, without selling or mortgaging. And, whereas there will be due unto us, as by acct., about the sum of forty pounds from the next incumbent in the Parish of KK Braddan, for the building and improvements made, both by the Revd John Cosnahan Vicar General, and ourselves, upon the glebe of the said parish. We will and bequeath the said sum to be paid and laid out … the further benefit and improvement of the free school founded by Mr. Philip Moore senior, Merchant in Douglas, by the appointment and direction of the trustees mentioned in the said Mr. Philip Moore’s last will. We leave to any one who … pretend any further right on title to our goods, six pence legacy. Lastly, we nominate and appoint the survivor of us, while sole executor of all the rest of our goods moveable and immoveable of what nature soever. Appointing in case of a second marriage Mr. John Caesar of Malew, and Mr. Hugh Cosnahan Merchant in Douglas, guardian over our said two children above mentioned. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set out names this 28th Dec 1758. Signed: Joseph Cosnahan, Margt Cosnahan Witnessed by: John Stole & William Curphy, curates, 17th day martis 1760

We the subscribing witnesses do affirm that the within mentioned testatrix Margaret Cosnahan having been brought to bed, within a few days past, of twin daughters and being very weak and feeble in body, but of sound and disposing mind and memory, desired her husband the Revd Joseph Cosnahan to bring and read unto her the within Will. Which being done, she the said testatrix by and with the consent of her said husband revoked the whole legacy bequeathed unto her daughter Jane in the within Will, and instead thereof left and bequeathed unto her said daughter Jane, and the said twin daughters (then unbaptized) the sum of three hundred pounds equally between them, to be paid them share and share alike when they severally arrived to the age of twenty one years with the further sum of twenty pounds to her said daughter Jane, which said last mentioned sum had been made a gift of to the said Jane by the sister another Jane Caesar and also willed and bequeathed that in case of the decease of any of her said daughters under age, such child’s part was to be divided among and to fall to the survivor or survivors of her said daughters and likewise declared that the within will was to stand good and of full force in all other respects, and that this …cupative Council was to be deemed if taken as a part of her Will. Witnesses: Catherine Cowley, Esther Kermod. At court of Corrections holden at Douglas March 17, 1760. The Revd Joseph Cosnahan having survived his wife Margt Cosnahan als Caesar, is now sworn execr of her last will and testament in form of law, and Robert Caesar uncle on the mother’s side of the testatrix’s children, is also sworn their guardian and supervisor, and consents that the dead’s part of said children and their goods be committed to the tuition of their father the said Joseph Cosnahan, who undertakes the same, and has given pledges for payment of debts and legacies according to law, namely Robert Caesar aforesaid and Mr. Hugh Cosnahan. [Signed] Robert Radcliffe, Matthew Curghey


Whereas Margret Cosnahan otherwise Caesar did by her last will and testament leave and bequeath unto her daughter Jane Cosnahan the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds and also leave to her other two daughters Margret and Ann the sum of one hundred pounds each and the Revd Joseph Cosnahan her husband did give his consent to the said will which said legacies were to be respectively paid to their arrival to the age of twenty one years and whereas the said several sums amount to the sum of three hundred and twenty pounds which hath until now remained in the hands of Mrs Ellinor Cosnahan widow, Relict and execrx. of the last will and testament of the said Joseph Cosnahan and the said Ellinor Cosnahan and Mr’s. John and Robert Caesar having thus agreed to deliver up and pay unto the said John and Robert Caesar the said sum of three hundred and twenty pounds for the use and benefit of the said children, they the said John and Robert Caesar taking upon themselves the maintenance and education of the said children and freeing and discharging the said Ellinor Cosnahan from further demands on account of the same. Therefore we the said John Caesar and Robert Caesar do hereby acknowledge to have rec’d at, by and from the hands of the said Mrs. Ellinor Cosnahan one assignment of a mortgage granted by Capt Richard Tyldesley unto the Revd Robt Radcliffe, for the sum of one hundred pounds bearing date the 7th day November 1760. Also the said Ellinor Cosnahan’s promisary note for the sum of one hundred pounds payable six months after date and also the said Ellinor Cosnahan’s promisary note for the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds payable with interest twelve months after date, which said assignment and promisary notes amount to the said sum of three hundred and twenty pounds and when paid will be in full of the said legacies left and bequeathed as aforesaid. [Signed]: John Caesar, Robert Caesar Witnesses: Thomas Moore, John Moore.

At Peeltown, April 18, 1771: John Caesar and Robert Caesar acknowledged the within and above release and discharge to be their voluntary act and deed. And for forth coming of the sum of three hundred and twenty pounds therein mentioned, they have now given pledges in form of law namely Capt Thos Moore of Malew and the Revd Vicar Genl Moore. Before me. [signed] Thomas Cubbon Received from Mrs. Ellinor Cosnahan the sum of five pounds being the legacy left to me by my mother’s will, this 26th of October 1769. Received likewise all my father’s books. [signed] Julius Cosnahan





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