Episcopal Wills 1759 #1, Malew, of Charles Wattleworth

Kirk Malew Feb 21 1759
Charles Wattleworth departed this life on or
about the 28th day of December last past intestate.
The Court having intelligence thereof hath
decreed his three children namely Charles
John & Richard Wattleworth joint adminors of all
his goods chattells credits & effects moveable &
imoveable whatsoever - John & Richd being under
age, & Charles tho at lawful years incapable to
undertake the administration, the same is thereupon comitted
unto Willm Farrant & Robt Wattleworth uncles by
the father's side who are sworn supervisors in form
of law & have the orphans & their goods comitted
unto them, they are to bring a perfect inventory
to the registry & have given pledges for payment
of debts & forthcoming of thr orphans goods namely
Richd Slater & Patr Shimin both of Castletown
Decretum est
Ro Radcliffe
Matths Curghey

... a long inventory + funeral costs etc (tba)

To the Revd Vicar Genrl Robt Radcliffe
The humble petition of Charles Wattleworth a
father and motherless orphan
Sheweth  That your petrs father and mother having ?
both died intestate leaving three children, and when
after Robt Wattleworth Petrs uncle and Willm Farrant
an uncle by marriage were sworn excrs in trust and
guardians in trust for petr and his brothers who are
both minprs, and in consequence thereof possessed themselves
of yr petrs effects, which were very considerable
That said Wattleworth and Farrant, in ordr to render
your petr miserable prevailed on him after plying
him close ? with strong spiritous liquours to acknowledge
before the deemster a power of attorney authorising
them to receive yr petrs share of his father and mothers
effects in consideration of which they then gave yr
petr 10s and no more, and never since gave yr petr the
least support of any kind which forces yr petr to
shole ? about the country like a vagabond, having no
settled place of residence or abode destitute of cloaths
and all other comforts of life
In tender compassion to petr may it please yr
reverence to admitt yr petr to chose his own
guardians who will do him justice, & to revoke
said power of attorney so procured from petr in
manner afforesd and genneral relief as with
yr reverences authority to charge said
Robt Wattleworth and Willm Farrant to appear
before yr reverence at the next consistory at
Douglas to shew cause if any they can why
the prayer of this yr petrs petition should not
be granted, and he as bound will ever pray

Charles Wattleworth & Margaret Mclewrath - Charles buried Malew 30 Dec 1758, Margaret 31 Jan 1753

Charles, baptised St Matthew's 24 Aug 1743, soon decided to leave the island and died in the West Indies




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