[From Choice Presentments]

In Archideaconal Wills 1757, MM RB581

To the revd Mr Robert Radcliffe
& Mr Matthew Curghey Vicar Genl
The humble petition of Elinor Bridson now of
That your petr has had the misfortune to
have born an illegitimate child to William Quayle
of Kk Malew which grevious offence she is heartily
sorry for - that your petr was promised marriage
by sd Quayle & a lycence obtained for that purpose
tho' now notwithstanding his former vows & protestations
he utterly refuses her, to her your Petrs 
great shame & confusion - and that as the
approaching festival is at hand whereat your
petr used to communicate
She therefore humbly begs that
her consensures may be speeded as soon as
possible - or that bail may be accepted
of for the performance of her censures and she
admitted in the mean time to be church'd
together with such other redress in the prims
as your reverences shall think proper and
your petr as in duty bound shall ever pray.

William Quayle bp 4 Oct 1757 - marriage at Malew 28 Jan 1758



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