Archdeacon Will 1755 #34, Malew, of John Bell, died Dec 1754:

"The last will and testament of John Bell of KK Malew, who being then in perfect mind and memory, departed this life xx of December 1754. First, he committed his soul to God and his body to xxxx to be buried in a decent manner. Item, he bequeathed to his two daughters Jane and Margery ten pounds betwixt them. Item, he left unto his stepson William Bridson twenty shillings in order to put him in a trade. Item, he left unto his own son Christopher Bell whatever goods chattels & effects was left to me by my father. Item, he the said John Bell hath nominated and appointed his loving wife Bridgey Bell als Cannell sole Executrix of all the rest of the goods moveable and immoveable debarring all who claim title with six pence legacy. To the witnesses of the will six pence. Witnesses: Thomas Teare, John Cubbon. At a Chapter Court held at Castletown, June 11th 1755: The widow is sworn Executrix in form of Law and undertakes the tuition of the children and their goods which are accordingly committed unto her by consent of John Carin & John Christian who are sworn supervisors. She has also given pledges for payment of debts and legacies, vizt., John Carin & John Christian. We whose names are subscribed being a jury of four sworn men convened by virtue of the Reverend Mr. Vicar General Radcliffe taken to view and estimate the farm of Christopher Bell within the Parish of Trinity Rushen; having in pursuance thereof seriously considered and viewed the said farm, consisting of half a quarterland and four day moth of hay or thereabout do value the whole to eight pounds ten shilling; out of which the Lord’s Rent is to be deducted, as for the house and fences belonging to the premises we do look upon them to be in tenantable repair, and this according to the best of our judgement we return for our answer in this matter, this December 14, 1757. [signed their marks] John Crebbin, John Crebbin, John Crebbin, William Kermod.

At a Court of Correction in Castletown, February 18, 1757: The Jurors have delivered the above verdict as their return, before us: Ro:Radcliffe, Matths. Curghey. To be annexed to the will of John Bell Lib:1755, or to the will of Isabel Cottier Lib:1756, Rushen."





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