Episcopal Will 1748 book 2 German, of Thomas Stephen

note this is a copy of NSS May 1737 #13 - marriage contract for John Kaighin + Cath Stephen m Patrick 17340114

Articles of marriage concluded condescended 
unto & agreed upon by & betwixt Jon Keaughin
senr of Peeltown with the consent & concurrence
of his wife Ann Keaughin in behalf of their
son Jon Keaughen on the one party, and
Thos Stephen of the sd town with the consent
& concurrence of his wife Catrin Stephen in
behalf of their daughter Catrin Stephen on
the other party as folls

First it is agreed upon that ye sd young cupple shall
enter into the holy estate of matrimony wthin
one month God & Ecclesiastical Institution
permitting & thereof allowing

2dly It is covenanted & consented unto yt the foresd
Thos Stephen & his wife shall give & settle upon
the young cupple seven pounds & half of all
their worldly goods after the death of the longer

3rdly It is coventanted & consented unto the above
Jon Keaighin & his wife do give & settle upon the
young cupple & their issue the one half of their
houses gardin & croft joining to ye house & gardin
in prsent possession & the other half of the same
after the death of the longer liver of the sd Jon
Keaighin or his wife Jon Keaighin paying his
father & mother the sum of seven pounds when the
occation requires
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For performance of all & singular the prmises
the parties concerned have mutually bound
themselves in the penalty of forty pounds to
be paid in the nature of all fines in testimony
thereof the have subscribed their names & marks
this the 10th january 1734/5
signed & delivered          Thos Stephen his mrk
Peter Quirk                 Catrin Stephen her mrk
Philip Crain                Jon Keaighin his mrk
                            Ann Keaighin her mrk
                            John Keaighin his mrk
                            Cathrin Stephen her mrk

7th May 1736
John Keaughen & Ann Keaughen acknowledged ye wthin
& above articles of marriage to be their voluntary
act & deed before me      Dan Mclrea

At a sheading court holden at Peeltown the 12th May 1737
The beforegoing articles of marriage having been
acknowledged before the Deemster & now openly
published in court & no materiall objection made
agt them are therefore allowed of & confirmed
according to law           Cha: Moor
                           Dan: Mcylrea
                           Cha: Stanley
                           Allen Stanley
                           Wm Christian
Exax per me Jon Quayle Compr Arch ? Rotul 
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At a Consistory Court in Ballanhown Nov 10 1748
Thos Stephen the survivor having departed this life
about the month of May last past The within
Contract Bargain confirmed by the Temporal Court
the same is accepted for the last will of the deceased
and his son in law John Kaughin in sworn in court
according to law - And gave pledges namely
Joseph Cannell & Philip Gale
Solvit 12d    Acceptum est
Edw Moore


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