Archideaconal Will 1748-1 #33 Arbory, of Margt Keig als Dougan

[From Mm RB580 / LDS 0106219]

I Margt Keig als Dougan of the parish of Kk
Arbory calling to mind the uncertainty of this life
do settle & dispose of my concerns in form & manner
Imprimis I commend my soul to God and my body to the earth
Itm I leave and bequeath to my grandson Charles Moore
a sheet of linnen
Lastly I nominate and appoint my three children Hetty Eleanr
and Catharine joint execrs of all the rest of my goods
moveable and immoveable whatsoever
But if my daugter Catharine strives with the two other as afore
sd for the goods of her father wch was paid her, she told me
that the book or requist was crost. But I was not able
go to see was it crost or no, but if she strives wth them
I do hereby deprive or cut her of wth sixpence legacy from
having any further right or title to my goods as witness my
mark to my name this 4th of January 1746/7
Margt Keig als Doughan X
witnesses present
John Waterson
John Waterson - jurati
Richd Moore husband of Cath & Wm Duggan
husband of Catherine the younger together
Ellinr Clague are sworn execrs in form of
law and have given pledges vizt Thos
Moore & Richd Cubbon
Probatum est
Edw Moore
Ro Radcliffe
Solvit 12d

Richard Moor & Katharine Keig had at least three children post 1731, however it is likely that they were married in Arbory pre 1729 as was the baptism of Charles; William Duckan & Cath Keig married Arb 20 Dec 1729

Her husband is I think William Keig - will gives death 29 Jul 1716 - this mentions Margaret Keig married to Nicholas Woods, a Margaret Woods als Keig was buried at Rushen 23 Feb 1740/1 - some eight children are noted, they probably married c. 1722 in Arbory.