Archdeaconal Will 1746 #9, Patrick, of Thomas Bell of Raby beg, made 21st March 1745/6:

"This is affirmed to be the last will of Thomas Bell of Raby beg, which hs declared before us the subscribing witnesses the 21st of March 1745/6.
Imprimis, being in perfect mind and memory, he left unto his stepson Thomas Martin heir of Raby beg the husbandry gears belonging to the farm, vizt., the plow, plow irons & draughts, two ladders, two Manks spades, two gorse Intacks, two English spades, the carrs & three pair of harrows.
Item, he left unto his stepson Henry Martin twenty shillings to put him to a trade.
Item, he declared that the forty pounds left unto his two daughters by the death of their mother were secured for them vizt., twenty pounds in (Nicholas Harris [this is crossed out]) Cordamen, & twenty pounds in Preston’s hands.
Item, he declared that he had settled on his daughter Ann ten pounds over and above what was due to her by her mother’s death, which she was to have, as settled in her Marriage Contract.
Item, he left unto his two daughters, vizt, Ann Martin als Bell and Margaret Bell the piece of land which he reserved unto his own disposal in his Marriage Contract with Ellinor Martin equally betwixt them. He declared that the rent of the Croft was unpaid for two years. Witnesses: Philip Christian, Thomas Quay.

At a Chapter Court in Balnahown, June 6, 1746: The witnesses have proved the above will in form of Law, and whereas the Testator named no Executor and that there is a surplusage of goods after payment of the several legacies, the same is decreed to John, Anne & Margaret Bell children of the deceased, who being at lawful years are sworn in form of Law. And have given pledges, vizt., Christopher Bell & Mr. William Stole.

December 20th, 1746: Henry Radcliffe enters a claim against the Executors of Thomas Bell for 10 shillings &c.

Eod:die: the Revd Robert Radcliffe enters for 10 shillings &c.

March 24th, 1746: John Corris enters for 20 shillings 2 pence.

April 26th, 1748: Henry Martin came this day to the Registry and received from Ann Martin one of the Executors of Thomas Bell the sum of twenty shillings bequeathed unto him by Thomas Bell and does hereby acquit the said Executors forever for the same before me, Robert Radciffe, Regr."

Thomas Bell married Elinor Martin 2 Sep 1739 in Patrick, however there is no mention of his second wife in the will; the Elinor Bell als Shimmin bur Patrick 1 Sep 1743 would appear to be wife of another Thomas Bell m. Malew 19 May 1716. Unfortuneately Patrick registers start only from 1714 thus the likely baptismal records of some of the children are lost - however there is a baptismal record for Henry Martin, father Michael Martin (no mother's name is given for any of the children) 3 Mar 1733 which would fit in with money being given for his apprenticeship. A Michael Martin was buried in Patrick 4 Nov 1738. (other children of Michael are Elizabeth 08 Mar 1714, Ann, 19 Mar 1720, Catherine 12 Jan 1723, Jon 03 Dec 1726 (there is a burial of a John 4 Nov 1740 which could account for his absence from the will), Nelly 13 Mar 1737 - the large gaps may well indicate children missing from the baptismal register, possibly dying before baptism ?)

There is an admistration for Eleanor Martin who died intestate 21 Mar 1759 in which admistration is given to siblings Thomas, Henry, Ann (married to John Corris) and Catherine (married but name of husband not readable)




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