Archdeacon Wills 1745 #6, Malew, of Dorothy Bridson als Coat of Cleyrower, died about 26 Feb 1744/5:

‘KK Malew, The last will and testament of Dorothy Bridson who departed this life the 26th day of February 1744/5, being in perfect mind and memory at the making thereof. First, she committed her soul to God and her body to the holy churchyard. Item, she bequeathed unto her son Paul three pounds to be left in the hands of her executrix who was to pay him the yearly interest thereof. And being asked of here did she not allow him the three pounds in his own hands, to which she made answer that she did not, for if he would get it in his hands he would destroy it, but if he really came to want by sickness or otherways that he was to get it, and she bequeathed him a blanket, a fledge and a new sheet. Item, she bequeathed unto her daughter Nicholas Taggart’s wife twenty shillings with all her right of coats, house and garden. Item, she left to Nicholas Taggart’s children a sheep and lamb each if the sheep had lambs, they were to get the lambs and not otherways. Item, she left unto her daughter Edmond Kneen’s wife fifty shillings. Item, she left to the said Kneen’s children a sheep and a lamb each in the manner they are left to the said Taggart’s children. Item, she left to her daughter that was out of the Island ten shillings if she came for it. Item, she left to her daughter Esther twenty shillings. Item, she left to Tom a sheep and a lamb if there would be a lamb in the flock, meaning (as we took it) Thomas Bridson. Item, she left to Catharine Bridson a sheep and a lamb, and also the like to Jack Bridson. And lastly, she appointed her daughter Ann executrix of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable be they of what kind or nature soever. Witnesses: John Harrison, Thomas Cain.

The executrix is sworn in court in form of Law and gave pledges, vizt., the Revd. Mr. Quayle and Mr. Wm. Stole.’




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