Archdeacon Wills 1745 #18, Michael, of Catharine Norris als Cannell of Larghy break, died about 24 March 1745:

‘KK Michael, May the 27th 1745: the last will and testament of Catherin Norris als Cannell of largy break who departed this life 24th of March last past being of perfect mind and memory at the time is in manner following:
First, she committed her soul to God Almighty and her body to Christian burial.
Item, she left to the daughter Christin Norris her feather bed with its clothes as it was as legacy and a cow equally between Christin and Margaret Norris her other daughter as legacy.
Item, she left to her son John Norris yarn for a canvas; and a blanket and a fledger to the said John and Christin and to give their said sister Margaret something for it and all her shaped clothes linen and woolen equally between her said two daughters as legacy.
Item, she left to her son Henry Norris a shee calf of a year old as legacy and a broad goose and if he would not be pleased with that he was to get but six pence legacy.
Item, lastly, she named and appointed her said son John Norris and her daughter Christin Norris sole executors of all the rest of her goods, whatsoever, and six pence apiece to each witness of this her last will and this in presence of us whose names are here written. Witnesses Richard Cowley, John Kelley.

The Executors are sworn in Court in form of Law and have given pledges vizt., John Cannon and Richard Cowley one of the witnesses.’




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