Archdeacon Wills 1743 #44, Michael, of Jane Caine als Lace of Ballanaa, wife of John Caine, died about 8 Feb 1742/3:

‘KK Michael June 2nd 1743: The last will of Jane Cain als Lace of Ballanay who departed this life about 8th of February last past, being of perfect mind and memory at that time, is in manner following. First, she committed her soul to God Almighty and her body to Christian burial. Item, she left to the heir her share of the crop and two plough beast and her share of all the husbandry gears, to which her husband John Cain gave his consent that the heir was to have his share of the crop and gears and two plough beast more after his decease and the heir was to give to the other children five pounds, and her husband, vizt., John Cain was to give the other children the sum of seven pounds. Item, she left to the other children each a sheep and a lamb as legacy. Item, lastly she nominated and appointed her loving husband sold executor of the rest of her goods moveable and immovable whatsoever, and the children to the tuition of the father, and all her shaped clothes linen and woolen to her daughters, and this we affirm to be true as witness our names or mark the day and year above writte. Witnesses: Thomas Cain, Richd McBooy, Christian Clark als Quayle.

At a Consistory Court at KK Michael June 2nd 1743, the executor is sworn in Court in form of Law. He is also overseer and undertakes the tuition and maintenance of the children and pledges are Thomas Cain the uncle and Richard McYbooy. The widower consents in Court to give his share of the crop & husbandry gears as also two plough beasts to the heir after his decease.

August 12th, 1771, Robert Kelly husband of Mary Caine one of the children of Jane Caine als Lace of Ballanaa, do acknowledge to have received all my share of the several legacies bequeathed my said wife by the last will and testament of her said mother Jane Caine als Lace, and I do hereby release, acquit and discharge the executor of said will of all or any part of said legacies forever.’




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