Archideaconal Wills - 1741-#5 Braddan, Margaret Cannell als Curphy

(from MM / LDS 0106218) - courtesy of Averil Roper


          The Last Will & Testament of Margarett
          Cannell als Curphy of Douglas who departed
          this Life on or about the Twenty Second day 
          of ffebruary last being weak in Body but of
          Sound & perfect Memory at the Making hereof
ffirst  She Committed her Soul to God & Body
          to Christian Burial  Item She left her
          Daughter Margt. Cannell all her Effects
          of what kind soever, but in Case the Child died
          before her husband John Cannell, that then
          the goods were to fall & become due to him _
          Lastly She left Sixpence legacy to all persons
          Claiming any right to her goods _

    Edwd. Sayle my Mrk. x    }
    Thos. [Porter] my Mrk. x  } jurati _

                                At a Consistory Court at Douglass
                                May 18th 1742

                        The Execr. Is sworn in Court in form of Law &
                        has given pledges the Witnesses of the Will

Solvit 12d                               Probatum est
                                                                        Joh : Cosnahan
                                                                         Edv : Moore

3 pages of Inventory not copied     


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