Archideaconal Wills - 1741-#56 Maughold, John Cannell

(from MM / LDS 0106218) - courtesy of Averil Roper

56.       Febry     7.  1741/ 2

          In The Name of God amen I John Cannell of
          Ramsey in the parish of KK Maughold being at this
          present time weak & feeble in Body but of good
          & perfect mind and memory praised be god there for
          do make this my Last Will & Testament in manner
          & form following
Imprs. I Committ my Soul to my most gracious god my
          body to a Christian Buriall where my surviveing 
          relations shall think most Convenient
It.      I bequeath to my only Son James Cannell all my houses
          in Town namely the Dewling (sic) house and a Little house
          adjoyning to the End of the Dewling (sic) with one half
          of my househould furniture of what kind or nature
          soever with a fedder bed & boulster and a Herrin Nett
          with the rest of my Fishing Lines as Legasey
[It.]    I bequeath to my Loveing wife Issabell Cannell
          als Christian the other half of my househould Furnitu[re]
          …. with a fedder bed & some [thread] yt. to make stuff
          …... it in the house with shelter in the said house as
          …ng as she be pleased to continue unmarried she give
          ….. her Consent to this my Last Will will as Legasey
          … bequeath to my neice Cathren Corlett a sheep & Lamb
 Wm. Christian ballatesson has in keeping as Legasey
          …ueath to my neice Margtt. Cannell as sheep & Lamb
          ……Legasey ____                                                      e
          …queath to my only Daughter Jane Cannell Sixpenc
          ….. Legasey ____
          ……… I Constitute & appoint my foresaid Son
          …….nell whole & sole Execr. of all the rest of
          …..…. Chattles of what kind or nature soever
          ……... Last will                    John Cannell my X
          ……. ghin }
          ……. e      } jurati  __

(corner eaten away)

          ……. The Execr. is sworn in Court …….
          ……. of Law               (the rest of line too faint to read)
                    Court that all her share of the Houses shall
                    after her decease descend to James Cannel
                    the Execr. mentioned in this Will - pledges
                    in form of Law are Edwd. Corlet jun: &
                    Wm. Kneal Glion:oaylyn __
     Solvit 12d.                                            Probatum est

                                                               Joh : Cosnahan
                                                               Edv : Moore


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