Archideaconal Will 1741-1 #40, Malew, of Thomas Harley

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the
Holy Ghost Amen. I Thomas Harley of Castletown being
sick and weak in body but of good and perfect mind and
memory at this making and executing hereof thanks be
to Almighty God for the same. Do make and publish
this my last will and testament in manner and form
following. First I comitt my soul into the mercy of
my God and Savour Jesus Christ whio dyed and sufferred
for me and who I trust will deliver me from all my
sins and make me an inheritor of the Kingdom of
Heaven and as to my body I desire it may be deposited
in the grave where my late dear wife was laid under the
alabaster stone in the chacell of Kk Malew Church to be
decently interred at the discretion of my Exectr. Itm I
leave and bequeath to my daughter Jane one hundred
pounds to be put out to interest for her use by the discretion
and assistance of my nephew Thomas Redfern and in
case she dyes before she arrives of age then the same to
fall and descend to my sisters Jane and Elizabeth's children
Itm I leave and bequeath to my nephews John & Thomas
Redfern thirty pounds each and to my sister Eliz Wilson
thirty pounds which sum is to be left by her to her daughter
Agath. Itm I leave and bequeath unto my loving wife
the houses wherein we live and the gardens appertaining
during her natural life with all the furniture therein
and after her decease the said houses, gardens and
half the furniture to fall and descend to my nephew
Thomas Redfern including half the plate in the house
my said wife is to have her own half & choice of the sd
plate, my said wife now consenting that her half of the sd
houses and gardens after her decease so fall & come to
my said nephew Thomas Redfern as also that my own
and my wife's pictures are to be left & remain in the
house. Itm to my two step daughters Eliz Martin and
Ann Corrin five guineas each to buy them a mourning
suit. Itm to the poor of Castletown fourty shillings
Itm I leave sixpence a piece legacy to any person or
persons who shall pretend to or claim any right to
any of my effects. Lastly I constitute ordain and 
appoint my dear and loving wife Elizabeth Harley
whole and sole executx of all the rest of my goods
chattelles and effects moveable and immoveable
whatsoever. I testimony whereof I have hereunto
suscribed my name and affixed my seal this third
day of March Anno Dmi one thousand seven
hundred and forty 1740
Thos Harley
Eliz Harley
signed sealed and published in presence of us also 
signed and consented unto by the executrx
Jon Taubman, Wm Curghey, Caesar Brew

At a Consistory Court in Castletown May 29th 1741
Wm Curghey and Caesar Brew the subscribing
witnesses to the within will have now made
oath that the testator being of sound mind &
memory declared this to be his last will &
testament, and that the same was signed by
him in their presence - whereupon Mrs
Elizabeth Harley the relict is sworn exextrx in
form of law and consents to her husbands
will as within more fully expressed, and has
given pledges vizt Mr Richard Martin & Mr Robt Caesar.
Jon Cosnahan , Edw Moore

Know all men by these presents that I Jane Harley now
of Workington in the county of Cumberland spinster daughter of
Thomas Harley late of Castletown in the Isle of Man gentleman
deceised have made ordained constituted & appointed & by
these presents do make ordain constitute & appoint Richard
Tyldesley of Kirk Arbory in the Isle of Man aforesd gentleman
my true & lawfull attorney (for divers good causes & considerations
me hereunto moving) for me & in my name & to & for my part
to ask demand sue for recover & receive of & from Thomas
Redfern of Castletown aforesd joyner the sum of one hundred 
pounds of lawfull money of Great Britain
the sixth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand
seven hundred and forty four
Jane Harley her mark

At a consistory court at Castletown Oct 25th 1744
It appearing by a power of Attorney proved
before the worshipfull deemster John Taubman
...Thomas Redfern hereby ordered to pay the
said legacy with the interest due thereupon

At Castletown Oct 17 1746
Jane Harley daur of Mr Thos Harley (her Mothr  Mrs:-
Mrs Alice Tiffin being present*) acknowledges to have
rec'd at X [sic] from the hands of her kinsman Capt Richd
Tyldesley the sum of fifty pounds, being in part of
the legacy of one hundred pounds ... together
with promisory note for the sum of fifty pounds
being the remainder .. and for security
whereof sd Mr Tyldesley has pass'd over to ye legatee
a mortgage of a parcel of his estate called Bwolly
Vullyn ...

*The note in the receipt by Jane Harley ' her Mothr Mrs :- Mrs Alice Tiffin being present' is explained by Frances Wilkins (pp130 "The IoM & the Jacobite Network") that she was the child of Thomas and Alice Tiffin wife of shipmaster Johnathan Tiffin of Workington.

Thomas Harley b 1676, son of William Harley, briefly acted as a factor to Poole & McGwire in the early 1720's - according to Frances Wilkins spent some time off the Island before returning and buying Big Tree house in Castletown. In 1760 copy of 1704 composition book described as Mr Tho Harley of London entered for a house and garden formerly belonging to Mr Murrey of Chester.

The 'kinsman' link to Richard Tyldesley is not immediately apparent - Richard's first wife was Elizabeth, widow of Daniel Wybrants, but she died soon after the marriage and he later married Anne Stanley - so far I have found no links to the Harley family.


Frances Wilkins The Isle of Man & the Jacobite Network Kidderminster: Wyre Forest Press 2002 (ISBN 1-897725-15-9)




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