Episcopal Wills 1741 #2 Douglas, of Peter Moore

(from MM GL 706 / LDS 0106378 )

GL706 1741-2
At a consistory court held in Balnahown July 9th 1741
Mr Peter Moore late of Douglas perish'd upon
the coast of England on or about the 25th of
January last intestate - The court upon
intelligence thereof hath decreed his four children
vizt Robert, Richard, Peter & Esther Moore joint
Admirs of all his goods moveable & immoveable 
whatsoever who being all under age their
uncles Mr John Moore Pulroish & Mr John Moore
of Balnahow are sworn supervisors together wth Robt
Kermod husband of Patience the aunt. And in regard
that the court is well satisfy'd that it will be for the
safety, good usage & education of the children, as also 
that the widow settles her part of the lands at Whitehoe
upon her eldest son or the surviving heir at law after her decease.
The tuition of the children & their goods is committed
unto her who is sworn to perfect a just
inventory of the whole effects & has given pledges
vizt Mr Thos Gawn & Capt Edwd Fletcher
Solvit 3s 2d
Decretum est
John Cosnahan
Edw: Moore

There follow a detailed inventory which would seem to be a shop, includes tobacco press, leaf tobacco,gunpowder,pitch,lampblack, logwood, earthen ware etc + large amounts of cotton,linen and other materiel in total £221 2 4; he also had £132 12 0 in cash either in his pocket or in a box

There is an account for laying the gravestone (from Edmd Lancaster) and for lettering the tombstone - 17/- by John Steen (Stevens/stevenson);

Peter Moore m Hester Killey Braddan 20 Feb 1730; Five children, all except Richard bp Douglas St Matthew's: - Robert 5 Jul 1732,Richard (bp Braddan)11 Apr 1735, Isabel 30 Mar 1737 (? bur Bra 22 Feb 1739), Hester 8 Aug 1739 and Peter 24 May 1741;

Uncles were John Moore (presumeably brother), John Moore husb of Elizabeth Moore (?sister) of Balnahow Santan, Patience [?moore] not identified



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