Episcopal Wills - 1741-#2 Lezayre, John Cannell

(from MM / LDS 0106376) - courtesy of Averil Roper

Lez : Ayre

This is affirmed to be the last Will of Jon Cannel
who departed this Life about the 3rd of July Anno [pradicto]
having in perfect mind and memory Comitted his Soule
to God and Body to Christian Burial  He left unto his
Sister Jane Cannel A fedder bed that was in Balla Kioage
and bolster and a Chest that was in parson Bridson house
& twenty Shillings as Legacy  Item he left to his Broth
er Thomas Cannel twenty Shillings & what was be =
tween them to be deducted and the Bond to be Burnt
and Allso to the sd. Tho: Cannel foure or five Kishans
of Salt a mangs spade paire of new shuse paire of
ledder Brieches a new hat two or three paires of Stock =
ins as Legacy  Item he left to his Sister in Law [Chatrin]
Cannel two mugs as Legacy  Item he left to ^his^ Brother
Danil Cannel twenty Shillings and a Big Coate as Legacy
Item he left to his Brothers  Son Danil a Coate & vest
of his holy dayes wearing as Legacy  Item he left to Robt.
Quaile a Coate Vest and paire of Brieches of his weaireing
Close as Legacy  Item he left to the above sd. his Broth
er Tho: Cannel all the weaireings ^of^ his waskots and
[Shurts] as Legacy  Item he left to his Sister Caterin
Cannel twelve Shillings as Legacy  Item he left to 
parson Brydson a mutton that was in Balla Kioage
for a Sermon and likewise five Shillings that was
due to parson Brydson  Item he left that Severall
persons in the parish of Ballaugh Owed ^him^ moneys Wm.
Caine twenty Shillings Wm. Corkil twenty Shillings &
Jon. Teare twenty Shillings  Wm. Mylrea foure
Shillings Evan Curlett thirty Shillings Wm. Cowley
twenty Shillings Tho. Cowley twenty Shillings  Item
he left that his Execr. Should pay Phillip Garrett
two Shillings and Lastly he nominated and Constituted
his only Sister Jane Cannel Sole Execr. of all the
rest of his goods moveable & immoveable what Soever
And to ^the^ Wittnesses hereof he left [one] Shilling Each Legacy
Tho : Quaile his x    } jurati
Robert Kewin his x }       ~
Jane Cannell is sworn Exec. In form of Law ~
And has given Pledges for the paymt. of  the ~
Debts & Legacys Vizt. Tho: Quayle & Robt.
Kewin ~             
                                                  Probatum est
Solvit - 12d ~
                                          Joh : Cosnahan
                                          Edv : Moore


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