Archdeacon Wills 1741 #99, Maughold of Joney Callow alias Kneale of Maughold, died 15 March 1740/1:

‘This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Joney Callow alias Kneal of KK Maughold who departed this life about the 15th of March 1740, being in perfect mind and memory. First, she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item, she bequeathed to her daughter Catherine the big pot, a sack, two noggins, and an earthen dish legacy, and also a new sheet part of which sheet belonged to the said Catherine. Item, she bequeathed to her daughter Isabel her wearing gown, a crock, two noggins, a bag, a stand to salt fish in, and a small chest that the bread was in. Item, she bequeathed to her daughters Easter & Joney all the rest of her apparel linen and woolen legacy. Item, she bequeathed to her son William and daughter Joney all the flax and tow between them. Lastly, she did constitute and appoint her son William whole and sole executors of all the rest of her goods and chattels of what nature or denomination soever. Witnesses: John Christian, Robert Christian.

The Executor is sworn in Court in form of Law and has given pledges the witnesses of the will.’




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