Archdeacon Wills 1741 #100, Maughold, of Catharine Christian als Moore of Ramsey:

‘Ramsey, June the 5th, 1740: In the name of God, amen. Catherine Christian als Moore of the said town being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and memory at the making thereof doth make her last will and testament in manner following: First, she committed her soul to God, and body to Christian burial. Item, she bequeathed to her four daughters vizt., Esther, Catherine, Margaret, and Elizabeth ten pounds each, and over and above to her foresaid daughter Esther the feather bead as it standeth furnished in the parlour rooms, and to her daughter Elizabeth the little cow. Item, the Testatrix declared that the above legacies to each of her daughters ware not to be paid to them till they arrive at the age of twenty one years. And in case they all die at or before the expiration of the said term, then their father Patrick Christian is to have all the foresaid several legacies wholly to his own life and disposal, whom she also declared to be their overseer. Item, she left six pence legacy to whomsoever will claim any right to her goods. Lastly, she nominated and appointed her beloved husband Patrick Christian sole and lawful executor of all the rest of her goods movable and immovable whatsoever. Witnesses: Thomas Allen, Edward Christian.

Patrick Christian the executor is sworn in Court in form of Law. It is also pursuant to the will sworn overseer, and has given pledges, vizt., the witnesses of the will.

Received 17th July 1766, from the hands of Mr. Patrick Christian my father, the sum of ten pounds Manks currency being the legacy left and bequeathed to me by my deceased mother Mrs. Catharine Christian as by her last will and testament may appear, of which said sum and legacy I do hereby acquit and discharge my said father, and desire that the said legacy may be cancelled on the Register. As witness my name hereunto subscribed the day and date aforesaid. [signed] Elizabeth Christian. Witness: William Christian.

KK Michael August 29, 1766, William Christian witness to the above release and discharge has deposed on the holy Evangelists that the same was duly subscribed and executed by Elizabeth Christian daughter of Catharine Christian als Moore. Before me, Matthias Curghey.

Let this be annexed to the last will of Catharine Christian als Moore.’




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