Archdeacon Will 1741 #52, Rushen, of Christopher Bell of Soroby, Rushen, died about 16 April 1741:

"Rushen: The last will and testament of Christopher Bell who departed this life about 16th April 1741. Imprimis, he committed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial. Item, to his brother John he left 6 pence legacy. Item, to his sister Ann 6 pence. Item, to his sister Margery his part of the sheep that was between himself and his brother John. Item, to his aunt Margery Raid 2 shillings 4 pence which she owed him, & his part of a sheep that was between him and his said aunt. Lastly, he nominated and appointed his kind stepfather John Waterson and his loving mother Executors of all the rest of his goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever. This he uttered and declared in presence of us Thomas Kermode, Joney Carin. John Waterson the stepfather is sworn in Court in form of Law and hath given pledges John Waterson & Thomas Kermod."




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