Archdeacon Wills 1740 #118, Andreas, of William Brew of the Gilcaugh, Andreas, made 12 Nov 1740:

‘KK Andrews: This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of William Brew of the Gilcaugh in KK Andrews made the twelfth of November 1740, being of sound mind and memory at the making thereof. First, he bequeathed a quarter of the crop to his son John. Item, to put his children out of stripe, he left to each of them all the goods made by them with himself or named upon them respectively. Lastly, he bequeathed all the rest of his goods equally between his three children vizt., Philip, Catherine, and Joney Brew. Witnesses: Philip Sayle, Catherine Corkill.

At a Consistory Court held in KK Michael, December 1740, the witnesses have proved the above will in form of Law. And for as much as the Testator left no certain legacy to his son Charles, he is therefor decreed co-executor with his brothers and sisters vizt. Philip, Catharine, & Joney, who are accordingly sworn in court in form of Law. As also to be just the one to the other in division of the effects and have given pledges, vizt., Robert Kneal GlanCalyn & William Lace for the three latter & John Brew the heir for his Brother Charles.

At a Consistory court in KK Michael April 8, 1741, John Brew brother of Charles Brew is sworn one of the executors of William Brew of the Gilcaugh in the place of the said Charles, vizt., for his part of the executorship of his father upon the resignation, the money to be recovered upon the mortgage lands excepted, and has given pledges in form of Law, vizt., Mr. Arthur Cowle and Thomas Caine of KK Michael. He is also sworn to be just to the co-executors, and to bring an inventory if required. Marjery the widow is sworn to render a true account to the executors.

I Charles Brew of KK Andrews do hereby acknowledge to have received, at the writing hereof, from my brother John Brew of the Gilcaugh, the sum of twenty shillings being part of the sum due to me from my said brother upon account of my deceased father’s goods; whereof I acquit and discharge my said brother, under the penalty of double the value above said. As witness my name and mark January 28th, 1740. [signed his mark] Charles Brew. Witness: Thomas Allen, N. Cowley.

I John Brew of the Gilcaugh in the parish of KK Andreas, do hereby acknowledge my self indebted unto my brother Charles Brew in the sum of four pounds fifteen shillings, being the consideration mentioned in resignation made by the said Charles Brew unto me of his father’s goods or executorship dated the 10th, instant January, which said sum I promise to pay unto him according to the xxx of the said deed of resignation; and I further oblige myself that in case the rest of the executors will gain or recover any sum of money by the several deeds of mortgage made by my father William Brew to Thomas Cain of parcels of land (part of the Gilcaugh), then he the said Charles Brew is to have the two parts of such sum or sums of money as each of the rest of the executors shall have by the said mortgage deed. And to the performance hereof I bind myself, heirs and executors, in penalty of double the value to be levied according to Law. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and mark this 24th January 1740/1. [signed his mark] John Brew. Witnesses: Philip Radcliffe, Arthur Cowll.

24th January 1740/1, John Brew acknowledged the within bond and obligation to be his voluntary act and deed before me, [signed] Dan Mylrea.

Be is known by these presents that I Charles Brew of the Gilcaugh in KK Andrews do hereby design and pass over to Philip Brew and Philip Radcliffe equally between them all my right and title, as executor to my father, to the mortgage money lately taken by him upon a part of the West End of the Lane-Maur by a bill of mortgage given by him, in his life-time, to Thomas Cain of Jurby and yet in dispute between my brother John Brew & said Cain, they the said Philip Brew and Philip Radcliffe to enjoy the same equally as aforesaid after the same is paid, and secure the same for my life till I come myself to receive it from England. And in case I died before my return, then my sisters Catherine and Joney Brew are to have an equal share along with my said brothers Philip Brew and Philip Radcliffe in my part of the said mortgage money. And this under the penalty of twenty pounds sterling in the nature of all other fines. As witness my name and mark January 27th, 1740. [signed his mark] Charles Brew. Witness: Thomas Allen, N. Cowley.

At KK Michael March 20th, 1740, the Revd. Thomas Allen & Mr. Nicholas Cowley subscribing Witnesses to the above Deed, have now made oath that the same was duly executed by Charles Brew one of the executors of his father William Brew. Whereupon, the above Philip Brew & Philip Radcliffe are sworn in the place of Charles aforesaid for his part of the mortgage money when recovered, and have given pledges Mr. Nicholas Cowley and Thomas Cain of Jurby. Before me [signed] Edward Moore. [List of inventory included.]'




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