Archideaconal Wills 1740 #95 Arbory, of Philip Cottier

(from MM RB577 / LDS 0106217)

Kk Arbory
the last will and testament of Philip Cottier who
departed this life about the 12 day of Novbr last past ?
he committed his soule to god and his body to christian
first of all he cutt of his eldest son Willm with 6d legacy
and daughter Christian with 6d legacy. item he bequeathed to
Thomas his son two yards of cloth & a pound of
woole for stockings. Itm he left all the proffitts of his house
& lands to his loving wife while she wod keep in
his name and after her death to his son Henry and
for want of heirs to his daughter Elizabeth and if they
his son Henry and Elizabeth should dy before they came to
age then it was to fall to his son thomas & then he bequeath
to his daughter Elizabeth 20s legacy. Lastly he appointed and
[]sed his loving wife sole exectx of all his goods
moveable and immoveable witnesses present
John Bell x, Willm Kewney x - jurati
the executrx is sworn in court in
form of law and gave pledge
vizt Nichs Bridson
solvit 12d
Joh Cosnahan, Edw Moore

March 30 1750 Elizabeth Cottier on of the legatees mentioned
in the within will came this day & acknowledged to have
received from her uncle Wm Corrin & aunt Margt
Corrin her guardians by the hand of Margt corrin
the sum of 20s bequeathed to her [] Phil Cottier
and does hereby acquit & discharge her sd guardians
their heirs & asigns for ever for the same
before me
James Wilks Ar reg

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient so baptismal dates for children not known. There was a Thomas bp 27 Apr 1729 and Christian 16 Jan 1731 children of Philip and Jane Crellin, thus the elder Thomas probably bp 1727 with marriage c. 1726. Why they named two children Thomas is unknown - certainly somewhat unusual. There is a burial for a Thomas Cottier in Patrick on 8 Jul 1738.

Philip Cottier married Isable Corrin at Rushen on 15 April 1733. There is a burial (+ will) for Philip Cottier at Arbory 17 Nov 1740. There are baptismal records for Isabel (? Elizabeth) 24 Feb 1733/4 and Harry 9 Sep 1737; There are burial records for two Isable Cottier als Corrin in 1741 - it is likely that she was buried Rushen 21 Apr 1741 - will for Isabel (E1741-1) gives a detailed account.



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