Episcopal Wills 1740 Maughold #1, Margaret Black als Curghy

(from MM / LDS 0106376 ) - courtesy of Averil Roper

                                       Maughold           Nov  5  1740

     Margt. Black als Curphey late of Ramsey
     departed this Life in Salisbury in England,
     about the 18th of August 1739  ----
     Intestate___  The Court upon Intelligence
     thereof hath Decreed her three Sisters-
     Vizt. Anne, Jane & Mary Joint Administrators
     of all her Goods moveable & Imoveable
     Anne being absent__  Mr. Wm. Christian
     husband of Jane, together wth. Mary are
     Sworn in Court in form of Law, and have
     given pledges vizt. John Black & Wm. Curphey

Hugh Black husband of the Decd. Being abroad
 in the Army, And these being certain Goods belong:
to her --- His part of the Same are in the ---
hands of his fathr. Hu: Black __  who has given 
pledges  Thos. Xtian Son of Edwd. & John Black [Gent]

Wm. Kerruish husband of Anne is also Sworn in form
of Law __

Solvit  3s 2d                              Decretum est
                                                     Joh: Cosnahan
                                                     Edw: Moore

Mary Moore als Curphey enters a Claim for   3 - 10 - 0 



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