Archdeacon Will 1740 #13, Santan, of John Oates of Knockfrey, Santan:

"In the name of God, amen. I John Oates being weak and sick in body do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner following that is to say principally I give and recommend my soul to God and my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian like manner.
Item, I bequeath to my son William ten shillings & the crop.
Item, I bequeath to my mother a coverlet and she to pay for the same 8 pence to my Executrices.
Item, I constitute and ordain my daughters Catharine and Ann sole Executrices of all my goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever.
Item, I ordain and it is my will that none of my lands be limed till the heir be at age. Witnesses: Robert Leece, William Kinley.

The Executrices being underage, Robert and Thomas Oates the uncles on the father’s side as also William Kelly the grandfather by the mother are sworn overseers in form of Law as well of the Executrices as of William the heir who is under age. The children and their goods are in the hands of the overseers half on either side. Pledges for the grandfather are Robert Leece and Thomas Kinley; and for the uncles John Quirk and Robert Brew Ballajick.

Memorandum, the Inventory within 14 days subpoena juris.

KK Santan: An Inventory of the goods of John Oates of KK Santan & his wife deceased, taken by us 4 sworn men vizt., Robert Leece, John Keig, Robert Brew, & John Kissag, this 26th of February 1739/40:
A mare 1 pound 4 shilling 0 pence;
A horse 1:4:0; A healf[?] cow 1:15:xx;
A farrow cow 1:4:xx;
A heifer 1:2:xx;
11 spoons 0:1:xx;
4 pewter dishes 9 pounds 1/4 at 10 pence per pound 0:7:xx;
Earthen ware 0:3:xx; 5 glass bottles 0:0:xx;
Small wooden vessels 0:2:xx;
Larger vessels 0:1:9;
Sieves & vans 0:0:9;
Sickles 0:0:xx;
Stockings & shoes 0:3:xx;
Big wheel and a pair of cards 0:3:xx;
Little wheels & tow cards 0:2:4;
Salt box & salt 0:0:3;
Barrels & large vessels 0:5:3;
Plow gears 0:0:7;
A loom & everything belonging to it 1:1:xx;
Two door posts 0:0:3;
A small pot 0:1:10;
A gridiron 0:1:8;
A tongs 0:0:7;
A baking stone 0:0:7;
Hemp 0:0:4;
Rushes 0:0:1x;
Thread 0:0:xx;
Flax & tow 0:3:xx;
Worsted 0:1:2; Tallow 0:0:9;
Wearing apparel 0:19:4;
Neckcloths 0:0:2;
Bed clothes &c 0:9:6;
Bolster 0:2:1;
Stools & boards &c 0:1:7;
Spades 0:2:4;
A horse gear & flax &c. 0:0:9;
A razor knife & small irons 0:0:8;
Ropes 0:1:10;
A jug & honey 0:0:4;
A chair & chest 0:2:4;
4 dales 0:4:0;
Corbes vizt, a pot chest & form 0:9:2;
Hay 0:3:0; Barley at 5 1/2 per kishan 0:5:1;
Oats at 3s 3p per bowl ,3 bowls 3 kishan 0:11:5;
Turf 0:3:0; Muck 0:1:6;
Potatoes at 3p per Kishan 0:2:6; Flax &c 0:0:8;
Herrings at 1s 2p per hundred 0:4:1;
A waistcoat 0:0:4; 4 hener[?] 0:0:10;
Subtotal 4:12:7, plus Subtotal 9:7:8;
Total 14:0:3. Cash sent out 2:0:0.
The cash payable to Mary Kelly To, cash in the hands of the overseers which was paid by Mary Kelly 1:0:0.
To, the price of the coverlet left in John Oates will 0:8:0.

Funeral charges &c made by us the guardians of John Oates’ Children are as follows: for his wife:
Drink 6s 0p;
Brandy 3s 0p;
Pipes, tobacco & candles 1:0;
A coffin 6:0;
To Vicar 1:0;
To clerk 1:2;
For writing of her will 0:7;
Offering 0:2;
To Sumner 0:4.

For John Oates’ funeral:
For drink 6:0;
Brandy 3:0;
Coffin 6:0;
A sheet 0:4;
Pipes, tobacco & candles 1:0;
The Vicar 1:0;
To clerk 1:4;
For offering 0;2;
To Sumner 0:4;
For writing at several times 2:11.
Total for funerals 2 pounds 1 shilling 4 pence.
For proving of the Wills 2:4;
To the witnesses 1:6;
For Inventory 0:3;
For tythe 2:0.
Total 2:7:5.

27th January 1740/1: David Corlet enters a claim against the Executors of John Oates for seventeen shillings and six pence and craves the Law.

February 20, 1740: The probate of this Claim is suspended till the next Consistory.

At Douglas April 29th 1741: The Administrators of John Oates & his wife being indebted unto David Corlet in the sum of seventeen shillings &c, as appears by the oaths of William Kinley & John Leece who have declared that said Oates deceased took possession in the lands set for the above sum; Ordered that the same be discharged. Subpoena juris.

To the Sumner of KK Braddan who if disobeyed is to desire a soldier. [signed] John Cosnahan.

Debts paid on account of the children by Thomas Oates:

For a claimed for debt 2s10 1/2p; For researching the Inventory 0s 3p; Total 3s 4 1/2 p. By William Kelley: For alienation fine 1s 11p; For entering the Heir 8p; For registering a paper 2 p; Total 2s 9p. To the Vicars General xxx ordained 6 p; To fees for charging the Supervisors before the December at several times 1s 6p; To fees paid to the Sumner 1s 0p; Total 3s.

I own to have received from the hands of Thomas Oates of Ball Quirk the sum of two shillings and nine pence, being a debt due to me from the Executors of John Oates of KK Santan, I say received by me this 21st day of October 1742, as witness my mark to my name Ann Cowin.

21st July 1743: These three papers were brought to the Registry by William Kelly.

December 29th 1744: Ann Carran Executrix of Ann Carran als Oates [sic, should be Catharine Karran als Oates als Kelly] came this day to the Registry and acknowledged to have received from the overseers of the children of John Oates a coverlet which was left unto her mother by John Oates her son and for which she was to pay eight shillings which is paid accordingly and annexed to the inventory. Before me, Robert Radcliffe, Regisr. Catharine Oates is sworn overseer in the place of Robert & Thomas Oates along with the grandfather William Kelley, date at KK Braddan this 12th October 1748. [signed] John Cosnahan.

Memorandum: Robert Oates is to pay William Kelley twenty shillings against Hollantide to clothe the heir.

KK Patrick October 4th 1751: William Oates son of John Oates having come to lawful years has made choice of William Kelly of KK Patrick and Robert Crain of KK Braddan for his guardians to be aiding and assisting unto him in the management of his affairs with their best counsel and advice who are accordingly sworn. [signed] Ro: Radcliffe, Official."




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