Archdeacon Will 1738 #59, Jurby, of Catharine Brew als Teare, died 26 February 1737/8:

"Jurby: The last will and testament of Catherine Brew als Tear, who departed this life the 26th of February 1737 being sick in body but present in mind and memory at the making hereof. First, she committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial. Item, she left to her brother Cesar Tear ten shillings, and to her brother Thomas in Ireland, ten shillings if he will come for them to the Island, and if he will not come, then her said brother Cesar is to have the said ten shillings. Item, she left to her sister Jane twenty shillings, and the said legacies not to be paid until next Candlemas. Item, she left to her stepson William Brew her part of the cow that was betwixt them. Item, she left to Philip Brew one sheep and lamb, and a she lamb to his child. Item, she left to her stepdaughter Alice Brew a pewter dish, her best clothes used upon holy days, the smoothing iron, her little wheel, and the rim of the big wheel. Item, she left to Catherine Tear a pewter dish. Item, she left to Cesar his children her wearing clothes. And twelve pence to each the witnesses of her will. Lastly, she constituted and appointed her loving husband John Brew sole Executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever. Witnesses: Thomas Cleater, William Sayle.

At a Consistory Court held in KK Michael, March 23rd, 1737/8: The witnesses have proved the above will in form of Law, before us John Cosnahan, Edward Moore.

At a Chapter Court 30th May 1738: John Brew the Executor sworn in Court in form of Law and gave pledges Ceasar Tear & John Craine.

February 2nd 1738/9: Patrick Kelly enters a claim against the Executor of Cath: Brew als Tear for the sum of fourty shillings and craves the Law.

February 24, 1738/9: Philip Brew acknowledges to have received from the Executor of Cath: Brew als Tear the sheep and lamb bequeathed to himself with the she lamb left to his child, before me Edw: Moore."




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