Archideaconal Wills 1737 German #38, of David Callister

(from MM RB530 / LDS 0106216 )

Peeltown 1737
The last will & testament of David Callister
who departed this life December ye first being of
perfect mind & memory at the making thereof as
First He committed his soul to God, & his body to Christian
Item he left to his son David Callister the black [.]ock (? clock)
legacy and excluded him from any further rights
as to his mother's and his own goods.
Itm He left to his daughter Catherine a crown legacy
Itm to Widow Jane Dawson a sheep, and six pence []
to each witness of the will
Lastly He named & constituted his son John Callister
and his daughter Margt Gell als Callister whole
& joint executrs of all the rest of his goods moveable
and immoveable
Witnesses present
John Caine x
Wm Tear - jurati
John Callister together with Nich:
Gell husband of Margt Gell were
sworn exrs in form of law
Pledges for the execution of this will
and for the due performance of the
codicill annexed are John Cain &
John Kaighin in form of law
Probutum est & solvit 12d
David Callister late of Peeltown decd added
to the will made by him in these termes
Philip (speaking to Philip Gell his son in law)
you have stayd long from home & I have made
my will, but I forgot to leave you a legacy
& I do leave you three pounds that is in John
Callister's hands in Dawson's meadow / Philip then
asked him before us witnesses did he break
through the former will , no sayed he (David)
but added to the will, likewise he added
[wit..] that he left an heifer wch he
delivered to his daughter Margt sometime
ago to his sd daughter
John Kaighin sr
John Cain
John Kaighin jnr
At a court of correction
held in Peeltown Feb 3 1737
The above witnesses have made oath
in form of law to the truth of this codicill
to be annexed to the last will of David
Callister declared by him two days after
the making of the will now proved in court
Pledges for the payment of the debts & legacys of the testator are John
Caine & John Kaighin witnesses of the will
Probatum & solvit 5d




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