Archdeacon Wills 1735 #13, Malew, of Elizabeth Taubman als Norris, of Bowling Green, Malew, died 29 March 1734/5:

"This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Mrs. Elizabeth Taubman of the Bowling Green, who departed this life on or about the 29 March last, being of perfect mind and memory at the making hereof.
First she committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial.
Item, she bequeathed to Elizabeth Taubman a poplin gown, a black quilted petticoat, and a red cloak.
Item, to Ellinor Taubman her cap and cloak and olive color gown.
Item. To Margaret Butler the rest of her clothes, an old trunk, a chest of Mrs. Looney’s, a bed bolster and bed clothes upon account of taking care of her in her sickness.
Item, to her daughter in law Elizabeth Taubman a calico mantle.
Item, to her son John the chest of drawers with the rest of the furniture in her room, half of chairs, a table and press[?].
Item, to her daughter in law Mrs. Margaret Taubman a silver xxx and silver cup.
Item, to the poor of Castletown twenty shillings to be distributed by the Church Wardens.
Item, to her son Matthew the brewing pan.
Item, to John & Thomas Taubman a guinea apiece.
Item, to Elizabeth, Ellinor, and Margaret Taubman all the rest of her linen amongst them which are now in her chest and drawers, and Margaret not to be called to any account.
Lastly, she nominated and appointed her said son John Taubman whole Executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever. [Witness] William Curghey.

We the undernamed subscribers do severally declare that Mrs. Elizabeth Taubman declared and bequeathed the legacies as above mentioned and further said that her son John Taubman was her Executor and to buy her out of the furniture of her room and her annuity out of the Bowling Green. Margaret Butler further declares that the said Mrs. Elizabeth Taubman declared to her that she had made her will and that it was in William Curghey’s custody or keeping, and that she hoped her said son John would not disturb his brother Matthew on account of the 13 pence he was to pay his said brother Matthew for some xxx, which last particular she heard her mentioned very often. Mary Corrin declares tht Mrs. Elizabeth Taubman bequeathed legacies as within mentioned and that her son John  was Executor and was to have the chest of drawers and to buy her, and her scarlet cloak being worn by her daughter in law Margaret Taubman before the said Mrs. Taubman deceased she heard her say that the said cloak should not be taken from said daughter in law but that Elizabeth Taubman should get some in lieu thereof. [Witness] Mary Corrin."




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