Archdeacon Wills 1735 #39, Maughold, of Christopher Callow of Ballaterson, died 14 April 1735:

"This is affirmed to the last will and testament of Christopher Callow of Ballaterson in the parish of KK Maughold who departed this life about the 14th of April 1735, being of perfect mind and memory at the making thereof. First, he committed his soul of God and his body to Christian burial. Item, he left and bequeathed to his eldest son Ewan half the crop of corn and hay, half the team of oxen, with half the plows, harrows, ladders, carrs, ox and horse traces; provided he the said Ewan should take care to help his mother to keep the rest of his brothers to school and to trades; but in a moor particular manner, to keep and take care of Robert (being an idiot) which if he neglected , he left on him to pay twenty shillings to whosoever would take care of him. He further declared that if it pleased God to call Ewan without issue, that then and in that case the next brother or whomsoever of the said Christopher’s children that shall inherit and possess the Estates, is to have and enjoy the above particulars, under the same obligation. Item, he bequeathed to his four sons vizt., Christopher, William, Robert and John sixteen pounds, that is to say, four pounds to each of them. Item to the witnesses, twelve pence each. Lastly, he did constitute and appoint his loving wife Jane Callow alias Kerruish his whole and sole kind or denomination soever. Witnesses: John Christian, William Cowle.

The Executrix sworn in form of Law, and the two eldest children, though at age, being not capable of the charge, she is also sworn overseer of the minors. Pledges are the witnesses of the will."




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