Archdeacon Wills 1734 #42, Maughold, of Christopher Callow of Ballaglass, died 25 March 1734:

"This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Christopher Callow of Ballaglass within the parish of KK Maughold who departed this life the 25 of March 1734, being of perfect mind and memory at the making thereof. First, he committed his soul to God that gave it, and his body to Christian burial in the parish churchyard above. Item, he left and bequeathed to his eldest son Edward his half of the crop and half of the team with half of all the husbandry gears as also half a dozen sheep and half a dozen lambs and a heifer and the said Edward to pay unto his sister Mary the sum of five pounds. Item, he left and bequeathed to his loving wife his half of their riding horse. Lastly, he nominated and appointed the rest of his children being Robert, William, John, and Mary sole Executors of the rest of his effects of what nature or kind soever. Witnesses: William Cowle, John Costain. The Executors being all at lawful years are sworn in Court in form of Law. The witnesses of the will are pledges. November the 29th, 1736, This day received at and from the hands of my brother in law Edward Callow, the full and just sum of 5 pounds Manks value being a debt on the accompt of my wife, by her father Christopher Callow, and xxxx I say received by me Edward Callow Ballneskeig. [signed] Edward Callow. Witness: Patrick Christian.

At KK Michael, July 12, 1746, The above Edward Callow acknowledged to have received the five pounds mentioned in the above discharge at and from the hands of his brother in law Edward Callow in bealf of the goods left to his daughter Mary Callow, by her father Christopher Callow."




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