Archideaconal Wills 1733 #21 Arbory, of Jane Cottier (als Crellin)

(from MM RB529 / LDS 0106215)

The will is not transcribed -bur 13 Nov 1732; husb alive;3 children Thomas, Tom & Christian underage (sup Dan Colvin uncle);Dan Colvin + mother in law Eliz Crellin enters a claim;
24 Sept 1746 Thos Cottier jnr acks from uncle Thos Cottier of Kk Patrick 30s due to him by death mother + bro Thomas;
26 Oct 1747 Christian Cottier of Kk Pat acks from Danl Calvin Kk Marown due by will of mother and bro Wm Cottier [There is a son Wm mentioned in father's will of 1740 as eldest son];


9 Mar 1737 complaint from Dan Colvin that the 3 children Thomas, Tom & Christian receve ill usage from father Philip and stepmother Isabel

At a consistory court held at Balnahowin Mar 1737
Danl Colvin overseer of Thomas, Thom, & Christian
Cottier the orphans & exctrs of Jane Cottier als
Colvin complaining that the sd children receive ill
usage from their father Philip Cottier & from their step
mother Isabel his wife - upon examination, it appears
by the oaths of John Bridson, Wm Karran & John Cubbon
the neighbours, that the sd orphans, Thomas & Thom, -
(Christian being supported by her grandmother) have been
frequently us'd after a very harsh & unnatural manner,
that they have been driven out of their fathrs house, & thro' fear
of [] & sheltered themselves under hedges & in the out houses
of neighbours - wch has been occasion'd by the severity of
their stepmother - for the preservation of the lives of
the sd children & to save them from being ruin'd
Ordered that their father Philip Cottier do forthwith remove the
sd children from the hands of their stepmother & within 14 days
agree with some relation or neighbour for their maintenance
of wch the Vicr & wardens are to return certificate [x'd thru text] and in case such
certificate be not returned before Easter - the sd Cottier & wife are to be
comitted in St German's prison till they give bond of 10 ad usm
Dmi that they use the orphans as becometh them
that there shall be no occasion for any complaint of this kind
for the future
John Cosnahan
Edw Moore
To the sumner of KK Arbory
who if disobeyed is to desire a soldr

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient so baptismal dates for children not known. There was a Thomas bp 27 Arr 1729 and Christian 16 Jan 1731 children of Philip and Jane Crellin, thus the elder Thomas probably bp 1727 with marriage c. 1726. Why they named two children Thomas is unknown - certainly somewhat unusual. There is a burial for a Thomas Cottier in Patrick on 8 Jul 1738.

Philip Cottier married Isable Corrin at Rushen on 15 April 1733. There is a burial (+ will) for Philip Cottier at Arbory 17 Nov 1740. There are baptismal records for Isabel 24 Feb 1733/4 and Harry 9 Sep 1737; There are burial records for two Isable Cottier als Corrin in 1741 - it is likely that she was buried Rushen 21 Apr 1741



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