Episcopal Wills 1732/3 Braddan, of Christian Fitzsymons als Quine

(from MM EW35 / LDS 0106373 )

Douglas Jan 23 1732
Christian Fitzsymons als Quine departed this
life about the 24th of Sept last, intestate
whereof the court having intelligence, hath
decreed her 2 children, Wm & Christopher
Fitzsymons sole & joint Admrs of all her
goods & chattles wtsoever. Christopher being
absent, Wm is sworn in court, & gave pledges
Jo Cowley & Wm Flexney
decretum est & solvit 2s 7d

Husband Richard Fitzsimmons - no marriage found on Island, Richard Fitzsimmons along with Robert Kelley & his daughter Margaret, Mathew Kelley jnr, John Hendricks, brothers Charles Moore & Nicholas Moore of Pulrose and Anne Kewley als Cooper died when their vessel was lost at sea on their return from Ireland 4 June 1726. Frances Wilkins speculates that the vessel was the Rose (associated with the Murray's with Kelley master).

Children include (all bp at Braddan - usual spelling Fitzimons):

Margaret 22 Jul 1703
William 15 Jul 1706
Christopher 21 Nov 1708
Margaret 05 Aug 1711



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