Archdeacon Wills 1731/2 #63, Maughold, of Robert Callow of Ballafaile, died 2nd January 1731/2:

"This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Robert Callow of Ballafail, who departed this life the 2nd of January 1731, being of perfect mind and memory. First, he committed his soul to God and his body to be laid in the Cronkvaan by the side of his wife. Item, he bequeathed to his daughter Abigail a cow legacy. Item, he bequeathed to his son William a filly colt, the saddle, the two bedsteads that’s in William’s own house and half the chairs, and he bequeathed to him also all the money that was due to him from several persons which is indebted to him, whereof some of them is hereafter mentioned, vizt, from Peter Corkil in part the price of a cow, 0:3:3; more from Peter Corkil for boards, 0:3:0; from Patrick Corkil, 0:3:1; from John Quark ny Crolley, 0:1:4; from John Cashin junior, 0:1:4; from John Corkill, 0:0:6; from Thomas Christian, 0:4:8; from Kinread Killey brickey, 0:3:0; from Coat baan a fleese of gray wol and, 0:3:0; from his two sisters Mary & Joney, 1:12:0; from his sister in law Margery Callow, 0:7:0. Item, he left to Cathrine Callow eight shillings of wages that’s due to her and a white ewe, and the flanders flax and seed. Item, he bequeathed to his grandchild Margaret Callow all the earthen vessels; and he bequeathed to his grandchild Mary Callow one shilling and two pence. He left on his son William to see a sufficient hedge made about the grave yard, and himself to be paid equal with any other labourer. Lastly, he did constitute and appoint his son William and daughter Abigail joint Executors of all the rest of his goods and chattels of what nature or kind soever, provided his said daughter came to the Island; if not, he constituted and appointed his son William whole and sole Executor. He further declared that he was indebted to the persons hereafter named: to Mr. Philip Moore, 0:9:0; to Mr. Banks, 2:0:0; to Captn James Christian, 0:9:10; to Ann Callow 0:0:10; to Elizabeth Loony, 0:0:10; to Peter Corkil cutingluise[?], one day. Witnesses John Kerruish, Joney Callow.

Abigail one of the Executors being out of the Island, William the other Executor is sworn in Court in form of Law and gave pledges John Kerruish Ballafail & Edmund Curghey of Ramsey.

The inventory next Court.

November 30, 1733, Ellinor wife of William Callow one of the Executors of the within Robert Callow acknowledges in behalf of her said husband to have received the sum of twenty shillings at and from the hands of Mary & Jony Callow, which is accepted of by herself and husband in full of r the 32 shillings declared by the said Robert to be due from said Mary & Jony. Whereupon she acquits them and their Executors of the same forever.

An inventory of the goods of Robert Callow of Balleyfaile, who departed this life the 2nd January 1731/2, being prized by four sworn men, vizt, WilliamChristian, John Kermod, Ewan Corkil, and William Callow, is as follows: an old cow 18 shillings, another cow 1 pound 2 shillings, a heifer 10 shillings, for 2 pounds 10 shillings; a steer 5 shilling, a mare 1 pound, two kishans and half wheat 1 shilling 5 1/2 pence, for 1:6:5 1/2; an old pair of spatter dashes and 3 skin bags, 6 1/2 pence; three old blankets 2 shilling 6 pence, and an old coverlaid 1 shiling 6 pence, for 0:4:0; a coverlaid 4 s 6 p, an old cadow 6, for 0:5:0; an old hat and old kags 4 pence, two pair of old stockings 6 pence; for 0:0:10; two coarse sheets 1 shiling, a pair of linen sheets 4 shillings, for 5 shillings; a pillow case and the old cravats, and old caps, 8 pence; an old feather bed, bolster, and two pillows, 1 pound; a coat, vest and breeches of sad color & a pair of prow, 8 shillings; two coats 2 shilling, & an old vest & breeches 7 pence, for 2 shillings 7 pence; two old hogsheads & an old barrel, 3 shillings; a loaming keive 1 shilling, a little stan & old barrel, for 2 shillings; an olf & and old churn and a small old cask, for 1 shilling; old lines 2 pence & five kishans of peas at 4 pence each for 1 shilling 8 pence; old sieves and weils 4 pence & a little pot 8 pence for 1 shilling; two quarts of hemp 1 shilling 6 pence & three pound of suet 6 pence, for 2 shilling 2 pence; five quarts & five pound of wool at 1 shilling 6 pence per quart, for 8 shilling 3 pence; a griddle 1 shilling 8 pence & four old sacks & a canvas 2 shillings 6 pence, for 4 shillings 2 pence; three pound of old pewter 1 shilling 9 pence & 12 pounds of bacon at 2 pence, for 3 shillings 9 pence; a goose and a gander 1 shilling & narroway box razor & a pair of spectacles & pair of gloves & knife 6 pence; for 1 shilling 6 pence; a bowl & eleven kishans of malt at 11 pence per bowl, for 16 shillings; meal after 4 pence & a kishan 5 shillings 4 pence & four sheep xxx, for 5 shillings 8 pence; four bowls and four tubs of oats at 3 shillings 6 pence per bowl for 15 shillings 9 pence; three bowl and a tub of barley at 11 shillings per, for 1 pound 14 shillings 10 pence."





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